Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – 7 Interesting Uses For Paper Towels

Papers are a necessity in a person’s life. From the childhood till the last breath of your life, papers have been a promising friend. Paper towel is an item of utility. It can be used only once unlike the cloth towels. Apart from using it for kitchen and rest room purposes, there are several other uses of paper towels that most of the people don’t know. It would be a fun element when you use these papers for different events or maybe do something creative out of it.

Dive into the world of the interesting uses of paper towels

Sludge and grease absorber

Worried about your new sewing machine that is smeared with oil? Pondering about your precious fabrics that might get stained by the oil? An easy technique would be to use the paper towels to wipe out the excess lubrication and save your hands and fabrics from the deadly oil!

Go green

Paper towels can be used very intelligently for composting. Carbon content in the papers seems to be in a greater percentage. It helps a lot to create brown layers that is needed for composting. The paper towels are fluffy enough to let the growth of useful microorganisms for your landscape services.

Keeping the herbs fresh for a long time

Chard, lettuce, herbs and other leafy vegetables tend to lose the strength in the refrigerator. Add some damp paper towels inside the bag where vegetables are kept. The longevity of the herbs eventually increases and you can enjoy cooking the freshly kept greens!

Cleaning the corn

muddled? Well, a smart to clean the stubborn silk stuck on the ear of the corn can be easily removed with a wet paper towel. Run over the damp paper towel over the corn to remove each and every silk that had interfered your joy of eating at some point of time.

Clean up the crayon prints

Is your lovely drawing spoiled by the marks of crayon? Don’t be in the “blues” as you have got a magic just beside you. Yes, it’s none other than the paper towels! Place the paper towel on the crayon, and draw an iron over it at a low temperature and see the miracle.

Your coffee strainer

Trawling around the kitchen to find the strainer? Paper towels can work as an emergency strainer to let you enjoy the brew even at the wee hours. Take a sip and enjoy the goodness!

Seed property testing

A common problem encountered by gardeners are related to the growth of seeds. Keep your worries at bay when you have paper towels. On a wet paper towel pour few seeds and keep it in a warm place. After two-three weeks if the seeds don’t sprout then probably it won’t be fruitful to grow in the gardens.

Trees have blessed the humans with this wonderful product. Paper towels are items of daily use. Use paper towels for innovative purpose too. Using it for creative purposes helps reuse the papers and create a better and a clean environment.

Caitlin Schultz is a green living blogger. She likes to share how you can help the earth by going green. She is also a part of HomeJoy cleaning, a company that offers cleaning services in NYC.

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