Quick Checklist when Shopping for Baby Clothes

Quick Checklist when Shopping for Baby ClothesBabies can be anywhere between newborn and two years and therefore during the baby clothes shopping, it is important to look for shops that stock clothes for that age bracket.

The following is a must have list of baby clothes that parents will need to always consider, it is important to have mittens, cotton hats, lots of socks as they tend to fall off, matching outfits this makes the baby look organized, jumpers, tops, pants and pajamas. Ensure also to buy colors that are gender sensitive for example for boys bright red and blue could work, as for girls pink, some shades of purple will work though as the color is thought of the degree of cleanliness will need to be considered.

When buying baby clothes, it is important to bear these things in mind:

1.Do not be tempted to buy too much especially when you only have one child, this is because babies grow so fast and a lot of the clothing may end up not being used.

2.If you are given hand me downs-accept them, it will end up being cheaper if free, second hand clothes can also be bought which are cheaper than the new ones, look also for special offers on the clothes to make it much more cheaper.

3.Avoid clothes with bows, collars and buckles, these could end up being chewed by the baby or choke the baby ,it is therefore important to look for simple outfits

4.It is important to bear in mind the climate during the purchase so as to avoid having heat rashes on the baby in hot weather.

5. Avoid synthetic fabrics as these are sensitive to fire instead look for natural fibers.

6. Choose low maintenance clothes as clothes will tend to be very dirty fast, babies also tend to spill on them and crawl around in them.

7. Buy clothes that wash easily, they should be able to be washed and dried in the washing machine.

8. Buy clothes that have a full snap opening at the bottom or a long zipper on the front so as to make it easy for diaper changes.

9. Since babies do not like anything over their heads then it is best to avoid this but if there is no choice then the cloth needs to be one that is stretchy and the neck opening is soft.

10. Ensure the clothes are comfortable therefore there should be a fabric between the zipper and any elastic to avoid contact with the baby’s skin.

11. Check the clothes for loose buttons, zippers that can detach when buying.

12. Always consider the baby weight when purchasing the clothes.

13. Consider buying one size ahead of the baby’s size because clothes tend to shrink when washed and instructions given on the baby clothes for washing need to be followed also ensure to use detergent that is mild as baby’s skin is still sensitive and can get irritated.



  1. Great tips. WOuld be really useful for mums to be.

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