Purple Dangle Earrings Tutorial

4 square purple beads (or color of your choosing)
4 headpins
2 earring hooks
2 small jump rings (not shown)
needle nose pliers
Step 1: Place each headpin through each square bead. Cut the

wire approximately 1/4 inch from the top of the bead and fold

to the side.

Step 2: Holding the bent wire with your needle nose plyers,

wrap the wire into a loop around the plyers.

Step 3: Trim Excess wire.
Step 4: Repeat Step 2 for all 4 beads.
Step 5: Cut chain into 2 lengths, depending on your

preference. 2 shorter and 2 longer.

Step 6: Attach each piece of chain to a bead.
Step 7: Close the loops over the chain with needlenose


Step 8: Open Earring hooks and jump rings with needlenose


Step 9: Attach 1 small and 1 large chain to a jump ring.

Close jump ring with needlenose plyers. Repeat with remaining

two chains and jump ring.

Step 10: Place jump rings on open earring hooks, making sure

both earrings are facing the same way. (Pictured above, each

earring has the small chain on the left and long chain on the


Step 11: Close Earring Hooks
Ta Da!!

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  1. Oooh! Those are super-cute! Love the square beads and the use of the different lengths of chain! Would you share here?


  2. Those are really cute 🙂

  3. Those are really adorable! Nice tutorial :0

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