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When you start to get itchy feet with your current home, it’s impossible to stop any thoughts lingering to potential new properties or house moves. You may fill your email with alerts from real estate agents. Perhaps engross yourself in articles helping you to make more money from your home when you sell it, or the latest statistics of crime and schooling for potential new areas. It can be quite exhausting. But one thing we might not focus enough of our attention on is exactly what we would like from a new home. I thought I would share with you some of the options you might have.


Do you like a rustic style?


When it comes to properties, I think most people have their own style and thoughts on it. One thing you may like is that rustic feel to a home. Perhaps a log cabin in the countryside is your idea of heaven or a cottage that has been built for years. One thing you might want to think about is creating the exact rustic home you have dreamt of. Companies like BuildLogHomes can offer resource and training to help you do exactly that. Furthermore, designing your own home can help ensure that you get the exact layout and finish you want. In a way, creating your dream home.


How about something completely brand new?


Maybe your tastes are more modern. Then a brand new home could be the ideal choice for you. Getting in there early enough could mean that you have the choice of fixtures and fittings such as kitchen units and tiles, or even bathroom fittings and units. A modern new home means that you are the very owner, and is a great option to decorate as you get a completely blank canvas.


What about a renovation project?


Maybe you like to bring features and homes back to their former glory days. If that sounds like you then a renovation project could be the perfect choice for your next house purchase. Often these homes are in need of love and attention. A complete kitchen and bathroom remodel, and even many cosmetic upgrades such as flooring and lighting. In some cases, you can buy a renovation that just needs modernizing. Whereas other projects could potentially be a complete rebuild from the ground upwards.


Should you downsize?


One question you may find yourself asking when the time comes to move is whether to downsize or not? Do you need all of the space you currently have? Could the money you invest be put to better use? Downsizing can create many options for you, such as releasing equity to pay debts off, fund retirement plans or simply invest elsewhere for the future.


Could you make your existing asset your forever home?


Finally, there is always that consideration of whether you can make your current property your forever home. You may love your home but outgrown it or want to make the space work better for you. Extensions can be a great investment to a property, and increase your living areas and even bedrooms. It may cost you a little right now, but the value of your property at the end will more than cover it, if not allow you to make an additional profit if you did decide to sell in the future.


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