Preparing Your Home for the Holiday Season

Halloween is just around the corner and Christmas is well on its way, for many families this means only one thing. Family and guests, descending over your humble abode. Now, after a whole busy year everyone’s house has probably seen better days. As well as probably a slight mess here and there, some of the furniture just might be showing some wear and tear by now. Let’s face it, you don’t want to come off as messy to close friends, more importantly, your parents and mother in law. She probably has more than enough ammo to give you a headache, let’s not just hand her more. Now without further ado, time to look at some exciting ideas for your mini-renovation before the holidays start full force.


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Won’t somebody please think of the children


With guests, come families. With families, come children. With children, comes destruction. Before you even think about starting to clean up and doing the usual routine, make sure to child-proof your home. Shift expensive vases more towards the centre of the tables rather than the usually-safe edge. Lamps should receive the same treatment unless you wish to be left with only the main room lights, also known as the only lights the children could not reach. Cover all electric sockets for obvious reasons, make sure the garden or balcony door actually works, no one wants anyone falling into ditches or off the 1st floor. Either get one or top up your first aid kit, bandaids and bandages will most probably come in handy despite all your previous precautions. Make sure to set up some form of entertainment for them as well as bored children are much more likely to fall face first onto the tile floor when running around for seemingly no reason. A tablet or laptop should do the trick, if you are feeling slightly more traditional then getting them into the garden or backyard initially might be a great idea.


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Leaving a good impression


New furniture is a nice thing to have, very nice in fact, but the truth is that after a few months you stop even noticing it. After it becomes completely unified with the usual appearance of the house in your brain, you most likely will not even pay attention to it anymore. The same principle however does not apply to your guests. Unless you have some very close family friends who are over all the time and know your house as well as you, chances are everyone else are not there all that often. If you got any furniture within the last year, it will most probably seem new to them, allowing you to act nonchalant about it while they admire your new sofa or cabinet, complimenting you on your taste in interior design. A new sofa is always a great investment, not only for yourself, but the guests as well. Usually being on the bigger side of furniture within a room at any given time, a new sofa can really refresh the look of the interior without much effort at all. Some new cabinets might be a great idea, after all, no one’s house has dropped in value after introducing some reclaimed farmhouse-style vanities into its walls. Contrasting nicely with most current house interiors, it is sure to introduce an air of elegance and refinement, leaving your visitors impressed, and you feeling that sense of satisfaction which will help you get through the hectic holiday season. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about? Happy holidays!

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