Preparing For The Worst In Life

We are always going to want the best out of life, that’s a given. There is no point in life if we don’t try our best to enjoy at least a little bit of it through our many years on the Earth. From our time spent commuting, to lazy days in the sun, to days staring out at the window at the rain and days spent in bed to those cozy nights – we need to find our own way in enjoying it all. That’s hard, but we must try our best to find happiness in the little things. Happiness is organic and can be found everywhere, but only if your heart and mind is open to it.



That’s a good life lesson, to be fair. There can be so much unhappiness in the world that it can help every aspect of our time spent on this Earth if we actively welcome happiness into our life. It seems obvious, but there are plenty who are unwilling or incapable of allowing happiness into their lives. Sometimes, people are just oblivious to the good times and stay on a one track mind waiting for happiness to come knocking on their door, but instead, it may very well be waiting outside, silently. Happiness is there for us to reach out and grasp if we choose. On occasion, it isn’t.

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If happiness is so easy to find in life, so is sadness. Equal opposites, right? If we can reach out and grab happiness, we can find sadness just as easily. While happiness should and can be in abundance for us, not one soul on Earth will avoid having a rough time in life occasionally. We’re all going to have a spell ‘down in the dumps’ so to speak, but that should spur us all on to seek out those good times and be truly grateful for the happier moments in our lives. If we don’t appreciate those good times, they can be gone in a blink of an eye. What are these bad times? Of course – they are relative. Some people will be affected by one thing in worse ways than others. While one man’s trash isn’t exactly another man’s treasure when it comes to the bad times in life, everyone will respond differently to different situations in life. That’s only natural is an example of human nature. Everyone will react negatively to bad things, but the extent of their reaction? It will always, always be different. We’re all unique, and we can’t be expected to react in the same way to a negative stimuli.


Before we get into the meat of this, we need to understand that we can prepare for these bad times. The worst times of our lives will jump up out of the blue, but there are always going to be warning signs. In the same way that you need to be on the lookout for happiness so that you can reach out and snap up the opportunity, you also need to be looking out for the warning signs that forecast bad times on the horizon. All these terrible occasions can have the crushing blow of their impact softened by simple measures that can go a long way into restoring yourself onto the right path once more.


These bad times are going to affect everyone in different ways as explained, but the situation will stay the same – usually. The situations that hurt us all aren’t usually unique, which is one, and probably the only, saving grace of bad times. That means that you can easily find someone, or a whole community of people that have been through or are currently struggling with the same issues as yourself. These bad times are wont to bring people together – so make the most of their lack of rarity and take advantage of the advice that you can find – widely available.


In detail, what are the bad times? Well – there are plenty and unfortunately far too many for a single sub-two thousand word article on a blogging site to cover. You might need a library to cover them all in some detail – eep! However, we are more than capable of covering the main areas and shining a spotlight into the ugly face of bad times so we can find out what they are all about and how we might go about preparing for them to soften the blow – or even avoid them altogether. Amazing! If you can pay attention to your current situation and spot the warning signs, you might be able to save yourself or give yourself a serious advantage should the worst happen.


One of the worst things that can happen to someone is a relationship breakdown. Be it marriage, a loving partnership, a brother/sisterhood, a family dispute or anything else involving someone that you dearly care about. People, as we’ve already described are unique beings with their own needs, wants, desires, motives and opinions and this can lead to friction. It’s like using cogs in a machine, but people are fluid beings – they don’t always fit together. People have disputes, people change, and things fall apart between people. It happens, and that is life, to be blunt. That doesn’t mean that a relationship breakdown doesn’t hurt – because it does. It stings. Can it be avoided? Not always – but you can always prepare for it. In relationships, you might not feel right – that can show that things aren’t working out. Fights and disputes might be more common than usual. This doesn’t always mean things won’t work out, but it certainly is a warning sign that some kind of action needs to take place. When your gut tells you that something is up, you might need to arrange a serious chat with your loved one to clear the air and to try to get the relationship back on track.You know what happens if things don’t work out from there and if the relationship is bound through marriage, that might mean consulting a divorce lawyer such as Maley & Nicholas, PLLC to arrange an amicable split. That’s never going to be the end and you’ll find love and happiness elsewhere – but sometimes sticking at a cause doesn’t work out and you need to be at peace with the possibility that things don’t always work out between people – and that’s ok.    


If relationships can be volatile – finances for some reason mirror that. A financial situation can change overnight and seemingly small events can cause huge worldwide ripples. Have you heard of the ‘Chaos Theory‘ – you might know it as ‘The Butterfly Effect’ – where a butterfly flaps it’s wings in London and causes a hurricane in China? Of course, it’s not true – but if we think of the mortgage crisis that started in a small corner of the United States of America as a butterfly and the ensuing worldwide financial crash that followed as the hurricane, it would seem that Chaos Theory has a lot of grounding in the financial world. If there is one thing that we don’t want to be involved with our finances, it’s the word ‘chaos.’


We need to keep our finances safe as multiple stock market crashes and recessions have proved that even the safest financial station can be crippled in an instant. We can’t always keep our finances safe, but we can certainly do our best to prepare for the worst. If we can save a fund of six month’s expenses – or more – we can safeguard our standard of living and our assets if our financial situation changes. We can keep afloat if we lose money on investments and if we lose our jobs.



Finally, a lot of terrible situations are caused by health – and death. It’s a hard conversation to have, but we need to confront it to ensure we are always on the ball in regards to our own lives. The bad times can certainly come when we  – or someone that we care about – falls into serious illness. In some cases, serious illness can be financially damaging as bills and insurance premiums take their toll on a bank balance. Even worse, someone who is running a household might fall ill and lose their job as a result, meaning that bills can’t be paid, food can’t be purchased and that mortgage repayments can’t be met. Until there is more support on offer for these situations – not much can be done, unless we are fiscally conservative and can prepare for the worst by saving up an emergency fund.


We can’t always avoid illness, try as we might. We can, however, try to lead a healthy lifestyle by enjoying the benefits of frequent  exercise and of course, by eating a balanced diet that provides us with all the nutrients we need to fight off illnesses. However, some seriously worrying ailments can be genetic in nature, but a healthy lifestyle can give you the best chance possible of fighting through.



Preparing for the worst? It’s a negative thought, but it must be done to ensure we make the most out of the good times in life.


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