Play Bubble Rush for Instant Fun for Your Kids

Bubblerush games is a website that has a bunch of internet games that revolve around bubbles. There are all kinds of games, and the first is called “Bubble Shooter”. This funny game consists of shooting colored bubbles at a mass of other colored bubbles. By matching all of the colors, and getting three of the same kind in a row, the player can pop them. The object of the game is to eradicate all of the bubbles.
There is also “Bubble Shooter 2”, which is similar but has a fancier and more colorful look to the game. Another game on the site is called “Bubble Trouble”. This can be played with either one or two players, and features a small character who shoots at the bubbles that drop from the sky. “Magic Toy Factory” is a game that works on the same premise as the original “Bubble Shooter”, but instead deals with various kinds of toys. “China Bubble” is features bubbles of various faces and colors, which the player must get rid of. “Bongo Balls” is structured in almost the exact same way as “Bubble Shooter”, but it features a little cartoon monkey who is aiming a bubble gun at a string of bubbles (it looks like a snake). He must not let the train of bubbles get too long. “Funny Bubbles” features bubbles that come in the likeness of cute piglets, cats, hedgehogs, dogs, and other adorable animals. “Mario Bubbles” has bubbles that are dressed like Mario and Luigi. There is a “Fruit Bubble” game that lets the player score points by getting rid of various fruit bubbles. There are apples, bananas, strawberries, and other fruits. Other games include “Bubble Spinner, Speedy Bubbles”, and “Bubble Struggle”. Ultimately, the layout of the games are all quite similar, but feature different graphics.

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