Planning On Building Your Own Home? What To Consider Before You Do

Planning On Building Your Own Home - What To Consider Before You Doimage file


Home doesn’t seem, right? We have all been there for one reason or another. For some, it is too big, and you might need to downsize while others need more room. Or, it might be a dream of yours to have a big, fancy manor house in the country. Regardless of your motives, one trick to making it happen is to build your house from scratch. You control every aspect from size to style, and that makes it a great option to ensure you build the best property possible. Before you start, here are a few tips you will want to consider to avoid any classic, and sometimes fatal, mistakes.


The Numbers


In the long run, building a house instead of buying a house can be a lot cheaper. For a house to cost north of hundreds of thousands of pounds is a little bit of a stretch, but that is the amount you will have to pay if you want to buy. A brand spanker will cost even more, and some people just don’t have the cash. Even though it should cost less to build from the ground up, you still need to be aware of the numbers. If the cost exceeds your expectations, your home could take ages to build as you have to stop to raise more money.


Think Green


Another great way to save on the costs is to think green. As you control how you erect your house, you can ensure that your home is more efficient than ever. For example, your builder can make sure your windows are South-facing so that you home gets as much of the sun as possible. As a result, your house will absorb more of the sun’s rays and should heat up without the need of central heating. A few sneaky tricks like this and you’ll save a fortune.




The reputation of your builder is a big deal. Unfortunately, in the building trade there are what we like to call ‘cowboys.’ These cowboys do not discriminate and will take your money without a second glance and without completing the job. However, don’t be too scared because all you need is a little research. Home builder reviews will make sure that doesn’t happen to you because you can see the cowboys a mile away. Check comparison sites and past client reviews for the best way to gauge their reputation.


Think Of The Resale Value


Thinking of the resale value is more prudent than it is cynical. For most people, their home is only their home for a couple of years on average. Your new home might be your dream home, but it is statistically unlikely that it will be your last. Don’t install any features that are too ‘innovative’ or overprice your home. If you do, you might never be able to sell it in the future.


The decision to build is yours and yours alone. All I ask is you make sure you have every base covered before the building work begins.

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