Pez Hedz Gluten Free Vegetarian Free Candies! #PEZHedz


If you’re looking for candy or treats that aren’t unhealthy, look into PEZ Hedz. They are a new line of soft candy chews from PEZ that are gluten free, gelatin free, and vegetarian. 

What ARE PEZ Hedz?

PEZ Hedz are premium soft candy chews made in delicious flavors and fun designs, like those you would see on top of a PEZ dispenser. I remember having a Little Mermaid PEZ dispenser when I was a kid. Now your kids can enjoy them too without yucky additives.

What sets them apart from other candy?

PEZ Hedz are vegetarian, gelatin free, 99% fat-free, and gluten free. Not many candies around like that these days!

What flavors are there?

The Hello Kitty Hedz feature a strawberry flavor and a raspberry with blueberry flavor, and the Bear Hedz feature a cherry/blueberry/strawberry flavor, a grape/lemon/strawberry flavor and a peach/raspberry/strawberry flavor.


Where can I find them?

PEZ Hedz can be purchased online at or at these local retailers:

  • Cost Plus
  • World Market
  • Rue 21 (Hello Kitty only)
  • It’s Sugar
  • Dylan’s Candy (Hello Kitty only)
  • select Walgreens
  • Toys R Us (Hello Kitty only)
  • Dollar Tree (Bearz only) – my personal favorite!

Do PEZ Hedz contain any allergens?

PEZ Hedz are gluten free. Although they contain wheat syrup, the gluten has been removed. PEZ Hedz are peanut and tree nut free. PEZ Hedz may contain traces of milk as they are produced in a factory that produces products that contain milk.

About PEZ Candy

An integral part of the American scene for approximately 50 years, PEZ Candy has been enjoyed by generations of Americans.

With great tasting flavors and collectable dispensers, PEZ is more than just a candy, it’s the pioneer of “interactive candy” that is both enjoyable to eat and fun to play with. PEZ Dispensers are a hot collectible for adults and children alike as well as being a staple and part of American pop culture. New character dispensers are introduced regularly to reflect current trends.

PEZ Candy is manufactured in Orange, Connecticut by PEZ CANDY, INC. and marketed through supermarkets, mass merchandisers, variety stores, drug stores, convenience stores, toy chains and gift stores throughout the U.S. and Canada. It is available around the world in more than 80 countries.

You can find PEZ on Facebook and Twitter and using #PEZHedz

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post by PEZ. All opinions are my own.

PEZ Candy

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