My Top Tips For Keeping Your Garden Looking Good Throughout The Winter

Just because winter is on the way, that doesn’t mean that your beautiful garden will go to ruin. Far too many of us make the mistake of thinking that during the winter, we can’t keep our gardens looking good when that’s not the case.


If you take the same care of your garden in the winter as you would the summer, you can ensure that it will stay looking good all year long. Yes, the snow may damage some of your flowers, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of your garden will also be ruined.

My Top Tips For Keeping Your Garden Looking Good Throughout The Winter

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If you want to ensure that your yard stays looking good all year round, here’s what you need to do:


Keep on top of general maintenance


Just like you would during the summer, you will need to cut the grass once every couple of weeks. You will also need to make a habit of trimming back any overgrown plants and bushes, and will need to pull up any weeds.


If any of your maintenance equipment is in need of replacing, now is the best time to replace it. You see, after the summer is over, gardening equipment drops in price. So by buying anything that you need now, you will save yourself money.


Just make sure that if you do get a new mower, that you go through a reputable supplier of lawn mowers. Otherwise, you could end up getting a machine that isn’t of a high-quality.


Obviously, you can’t take proper care of your garden when it’s raining, so to do these things you will need a dry day. You should never mow the grass when it’s wet as it can damage the lawn mower – always wait at least two days after rain, to cut the grass.


Plant winter flowers


Okay, so most of your summer flowers are going to disappear, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make your garden pretty. Swap your summer blooms for some winter alternatives, and you can ensure that your garden stays looking good.


The best winter flowers to plant are hellebores, Algerian irises, and aconites. You could also consider planting some berry plants, so that come winter, you will have a lovely mixture of green foliage and bright red berries.


Invite nature to enjoy your garden


One of the best ways you can brighten up your garden in the winter months is by inviting wildlife to enjoy the space. Invest in a birdhouse, a bee and insect house, and if you have the space, a nature pond.


Treat your wood


If you have any wooden surfaces, such as outbuildings or decking, it’s important that you treat them with varnish. If you fail to coat wooden surfaces, the cold weather could lead to them rotting.


You can pick up protective wood varnish at most hardware and DIY stores for an affordable price. All you need is some varnish and a paint brush, and you can protect the wood in your garden from suffering from weather-related damage.


Follow these simple tips and you can ensure that your garden stays looking good throughout the winter.


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