My Dos And Don’ts Of Home Repair

Any avid reader of my blog will know how much I love DIY and improving or repairing my home. But even I have to draw the line somewhere. There are some home repairs you really should leave to the professionals. Others you can, of course, try yourself. Generally speaking, the ones you shouldn’t even try are dangerous to either your health or your home. But, to keep you on the right track I’ve got this lovely list of dos and don’t to live by.

My Dos And Don'ts Of Home Repair

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Don’t Try A Job That’s Dangerous


Since I mentioned it, that’s probably as good place as any to start. If you think a job could be potentially dangerous, you should not wait. Call an expert and get it dealt with by a professional who has been trained. An example of this would be rerouting an electricity line into an extension of your home. For one thing, you will need permission to do this and getting an electrician on the line is often the first step. Obviously, I’m not talking about a smaller job like changing a lightbulb. Just make sure you turn off the power first and tell everyone in the house not to turn it back on. It wouldn’t kill you if you were electrocuted, but it would certainly be a nasty shock!


Do Use Online Guides For Simple Jobs


Many people ask me where I pick up all my home repair knowledge. Well, it certainly doesn’t come naturally! I have a lot of spare time, and I use it to browse the web searching for new tips of the trade. I recently had a problem with my washing machine. Long story short, it stopped emptying water. That was a fun surprise when I opened the door to get my clothes out. As it turned out, the washing machine was too old to find the manual online. But, I did find a helpful video that instructed me there was probably a sock or something stuck in the pump. I unscrewed the bottom and lo and behold, found a stray piece of clothing. So, if you’re in any doubt of how to get started with a repair use a guide online.


Don’t Try Something That Could Damage Your House


I know there are some people who believe any plumbing problem can be fixed with a little patience, after switching the water valves off. Well, all I can say is that while you are being patient your home will be getting into a worse state. A plumbing problem needs to be fixed immediately, or you could risk flooding the whole home!


When it comes to repair like a serious plumbing problem, I don’t even think about it. I call up a company I have on speed dial that offers plumbing services. They pop around and usually before the end of the day the problem is resolved.


Do Use A Service You Can Trust


Finally, you might wonder how I found the right service to use for home repairs. I viewed the website first and as it seemed genuine, checked out some reviews online. They were mostly positive, so I decided to take a chance. Always check to see if a company has any history online first though. If you find a page filled with negative reviews, save your money for a better company.


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