My Autumn Guide To Preparing Your Garden For Winter

My Autumn Guide To Preparing Your Garden For Winterphoto credit


Summer is barely over, but I’m afraid it’s time to start thinking about those cold winter months. We’ve all made the most of warm summer days out in the garden, but Autumn is approaching. The leaves are falling from the trees, and conkers are making their first appearance of the year. If you embrace the weather, Autumn is a wonderful time of the year. If fact, it’s one of my favourite seasons. If you’re like me, and love to spend time out in the garden, you’ve got to protect it.


The harsh winter season is tough on your garden. It freezes the ground, kills the grass, and sends your flowers back in the ground where they came from! The rust will destroy your garden tools, and your carefully planned garden will become a mess. That’s why I always take a little time in September to winter-proof my garden! You can keep the outside space looking beautiful. Here are my best-kept secrets.


Lawn maintenance


The lawn is always the first thing to go in Autumn. The lack of sunlight leaves the grass looking limp and pale. The thick turf quickly thins and the brown soil underneath comes to dominate. The ground itself goes hard from the cold too. All-in-all, it’s not a pleasant look! I start by making deep holes in the ground. It’s perfect for aeration and drainage to keep the grass healthy. It’s also the right time to spread moss and weed killer, and clear any pests. It’s not uncommon to lay new turf in September. That will give it plenty of time to grow through to next summer.


Plant evergreens


You have probably already noticed that your perennials are starting to die off. They bloom throughout spring and summer, but they’ll quickly disappear when the cold sets in. That’s why I always take the time in September to plant some evergreen plants. That will keep your garden looking thick and lush over the winter. Without them, you’re left with big gaps in your borders. I like to use Camellias and Daphne, but feel free to experiment.


Take care of your garden equipment


Left over the winter, your garden equipment will rust and rot fast. Even when left in the shed, the moisture and cold will cause them to expand and contract. The metal is exposed to the moist environment, and they’ll slowly rust. Take some time in the next few weeks to give them a good clean. Fix any small cracks or problems, so the expansion and contraction doesn’t weaken them. If possible, keep them inside over the winter too.


Hire the experts instead


You can take all the precautions you like, but sometimes it’s best to leave it to the professionals! A good landscaping company will take care of your lawns and borders. Take a look at to see the sorts of services available. Trust me, the experts will know every secret in the book when it comes to preparing the garden for winter!


It doesn’t take long to winter-proof your garden. But, you’ll thank yourself when spring rolls around next year.

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