Must-Read Advice To Help Get Your Home Clean!

As a homeowner, I like to take care of my home. This means making sure every room is neat and tidy. It also means ensuring my house is wonderfully clean. Cleaning your house can be hard work because there’s so much to do. If you want a perfect and clean home, check out my advice:

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Cleaning The Floors

The floor in your house will likely be the filthiest part of it. People are often walking in and bringing lots of dirt from the outside. If you have hardwood floor or tiling, you can get horrible dirty footprints from people’s shoes. Similarly, if you have carpet, you can get loads of dirt trapped in the fibers that will be a pain to get rid of.


Your job is to make sure the floor can get as clean as possible. The trick here is knowing how best to do it, depending on your flooring. For hard floors, you should look to wash it with a mop and some soapy floor cleaner. But first, you’ll want to sweep up or vacuum any dust or dirt from the surface.


With carpet, your job is a little different. Obviously, most people will clean a carpet with a handheld vacuum cleaner. While this is effective at picking up dirt and dust, it won’t deal with any stains. Your best bet here is carpet steam cleaning. This way you can clean your carpet thoroughly and leave it looking new again.


It’s important you have your floor clean if you want to have a nice and clean home!

Cleaning The Windows

Another aspect of your house that can get really dirty is the windows. The trouble with windows is that they can get horrible on the inside and out. So, you have to do two jobs just to clean one thing.


Indoor window cleaning is fairly straightforward; you can buy window cleaning spray and use a flannel to get them sparkly clean. Most times, windows will get dirty on the inside through dust and spider cobwebs.


Outdoor window cleaning is slightly harder because you may have to reach high up windows. If this is the case, you can get a ladder and attempt to clean them like you did on the inside. Or, if you don’t feel safe, you can hire a window cleaner to come once a month.

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Cleaning The Bathroom

If there’s one room in your house that will get super messy, it’s the bathroom. People will go in there every morning and create a mess. There will be water on the floor, towels all over the place. It’s very easy for a bathroom to accumulate dirt and grime.


So, it’s important you ensure yours is as clean as can be. To do this, you need all the cleaning essentials. You should get some shower spray to keep your shower glistening. You should also buy cleaning products that help fight against mould.


I recommend you clean your bathroom once a week or two because it can get dirty real quick. A filthy bathroom can ruin an otherwise clean home.


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