Moving On And Getting Stronger: How To Navigate Your Break Up

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All of us have been through horrible splits at some point in our lives. Here are some tips on how to survive your break up…

Indulge Yourself


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Remember that you must be kind to yourself after a break up. Indulge in some unhealthy food, luxuriate in sad songs and press on the bruise of your break up by watching romantic comedy after romantic comedy. Spend time with your friends, drink some wine, and take long baths. You’re hurting, so treat yourself with love and care.

Sort Out The Practicalities

After a break up, you’re often too busy thinking about how to knit your broken heart together to devote much time to considering the practicalities of your situation. The fact is that when you break up with a long term partner, there’s much more to consider than how sad you are. If you have children with your partner, contact family law attorneys. Even if your partner has told you he’ll be financially generous with you, this won’t always last once he’s over the guilt of your split. Protect yourself, your home and your children.

Don’t Internet Stalk Your Ex


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Just don’t do it. You’ll see something that you didn’t want to see, and you will get hurt, and you will regret it. If you can’t resist, remember that people only ever put their favourite moments on social media. Your ex might have posted a picture of him sitting next to a remarkably attractive woman in a bar but he seems to have neglected to mention that he’s spending his nights sleeping on his parents’ sofa and that he keeps drunk texting you at 2AM. How strange.

Start Something New For Yourself

During relationships, you tend to make a hundred little sacrifices for your partner’s well being every day. Now is the time to reclaim them for yourself. Start to learn French, go to pottery evening classes on the nights that your partner has your kids, go on a weekend creative writing retreat to learn how to write poetry. Start your journey of self-discovery by getting to know and love yourself better.

Don’t Jump Into A New Relationship


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Chances are, you aren’t thinking particularly clearly in the days and weeks right after a break up, so it isn’t a good idea to leap into a new relationship immediately. By all means, dip your toe into the pool of dating. It’s a good idea to know what’s out there and to flex those flirting muscles. But now is not the time that you should be making any big decisions or jumping in over your head – you’re still healing and it’s important to figure out who you are alone so you know what you want from your next relationship.

Treat It As A Learning Experience.

A relationship coming to an end doesn’t mean that it failed. Even if there was pain at the end, it made you into a more emotionally intelligent and well-rounded person, and you shouldn’t feel bad about your split. Sometimes things coming to an end is okay, even if it doesn’t feel like that at the time. There’s a great big world out there – and now is your chance to seize it!

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