Modernize Your Bathroom for High-tech Hygiene

Every room in your home deserves to be lavished with attention if you’re going to renovate or redecorate. The bathroom might be a functional room, but it can still be somewhere you enjoy spending your time. Whether you like to soak in the tub or have a long, hot shower, you should like your bathroom and find it relaxing. While other areas of your home might be slowly becoming more modern, the bathroom can sometimes be neglected when it comes to modernization. If you want to take your bathroom to the next level, it can be more than just a functional space. A few modern touches can make it much more pleasant.

Choose Clean and Simple Design

When you think about the design of your bathroom, you should consider how to make it look and feel clean and fresh. It’s where you get clean, after all, so it should be a room that helps you feel clean. It should also be a space that’s easy for you to keep clean. You wouldn’t want to have carpet or rugs in there because it wouldn’t help to promote hygiene. Modern design is often clean and simple, without too much going on. So it’s perfect for the bathroom, where you don’t want to have too much clutter. It’s a good idea to choose neutral colors and use clean lines in your design.


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Make Your Bathroom Eco-friendly

If you’re looking for a modern touch to add to your bathroom, making it green is one step you can take. That’s not the color green, but instead the concept of making it better for the environment. In the bathroom, you can use a lot of water, as well as electricity for lighting, showering, and various bathroom gadgets. If you want to be more eco-friendly, you could start off with LED lights to save energy. You can also save water in a variety of ways. You could have faucets with sensors and timers that switch off automatically. You can also restrict the flow of water in your toilet and in your shower head.

Take Inspiration from Japan

You’ve probably seen or heard about some of the fancy toilets you can find in Japan. When we design bathrooms, we often don’t pay a lot of attention to the commode. As long as it’s functional and it looks good, we’re not that bothered about whether it has any extra features. But we could learn a lesson from Japan, where they treat their toilets very seriously. There are some great features you can add to yours, from low-tech to more high-tech solutions. What about adding a bidet attachment to your toilet for two bathroom features in one? You can visit for more information on this option. Or how good would it be if you never had to sit on a cold seat again with a seat warming function? You can improve hygiene too by having hands-free sensors to lift the seat and flush.

Get Some Bathroom Entertainment

Do you ever get bored in the bathroom? Maybe showering feels like a chore to you or your bath is relaxing but not particularly entertaining? Adding some entertainment options to your bathroom is a great way to make it more modern and a more exciting place to be. You could add a sound system or a TV to your bathroom, so you have something to do while you’re in there. You can get waterproof tech that’s perfect for your bathroom. Whether you want to have a candlelit bath while you listen to whale music or you want to catch up on the news as you shower, you can make it possible. It’s much safer to have dedicated tech designed for the bathroom than to attempt to bring in your laptop or other gadgets.

Introduce Some Smart Tech

Smart technology is taking over the home, and everything is becoming connected. There’s no reason your bathroom should be left out if you’re making the rest of your home modern. If you’re looking for smart technology for your bathroom, you have plenty of options. There are gadgets like smart scales, which you can connect to an app to track your weight and other statistics. Or if you’re thinking about entertainment more than functionality, you can get a smart TV and even hide it in your bathroom mirror when you’re not watching it. Connected speakers are also a great idea, and you can connect them to your sound system around the house.

Add Artwork to the Room

Decorating your bathroom helps to give it a more modern touch. If you enjoy having artwork in your home, there’s no reason you should stop at the bathroom. Hanging art in your bathroom can make the design a little more interesting, and you can find many modern pieces that you love. You could hang paintings, prints or photographs or you might prefer to choose ornaments or items you can place on bathroom surfaces. When you choose artwork for your bathroom, think about the practicality of it, as well as the design. Remember that there can be a lot of moisture in a bathroom, even if you have fans or other systems to deal with humidity.


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If you want your bathroom to feel fresh, adding some greenery is a great idea. Choose plants that do well with plenty of moisture, and they will flourish in your bathroom. You could put potted plants on shelves and various other surfaces in your bathroom. Some people even put them in the shower, so they get lots of water. Tropical plants can be a great option because they won’t get too much moisture. Make your bathroom a more organic space and bring in some natural elements with a well-placed plant or two, or perhaps some flowers.

Modern Bathtubs

For a modern bathroom, you can’t beat a free-standing bathtub. However, they’re also an excellent choice for a traditional bathroom, so you have to get it right. Avoid the claw-foot tubs and traditional oval shapes if you want something more modern. A rectangular tub is a great choice if you want a sleek and modern option. It’s not just the shape and style of the tub that you can make more modern. You can also make your bath more high-tech with the right features. Your modern tub could have spa jets, or just well-insulated walls so you can stay in the bath for longer. You can have lights in your tub, speakers, a massage function, and even a TV.


If you prefer to have a shower, or you don’t want to choose, your shower can be just as modern as your bathtub. One of the best things to choose for a modern shower is a cubicle that’s a little larger than usual. If it’s a choice between a small tub and a large shower, many people will choose the larger shower. Some people even prefer not to have a cubicle and just choose a more open wet room style instead. Some sleek tiling in your shower gives it a modern look too. But it’s not all about the looks. If you’re looking for a dream shower, a large showerhead or even dual showerheads could get you what you’re looking for. You also have the option of adding a clever control panel, speakers, lights, and other cool features.


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Modern Spaces

Don’t feel that you have to be limited to the bathrooms that are already in your home. You can add more bathrooms if you have space, and you can get inventive with where you put them. If you have an attic space, it’s a fantastic place to put a bathroom. You can put in a skylight to let in lots of natural light, and you won’t have to worry about privacy. You might have a lot of space to work with, but you can still create a modern bathroom if you don’t. You might also consider a basement conversion, or you could even use your garage. If you live somewhere hot, you could even have an outdoor shower or bath.

Open Bathroom

A wet room style bathroom is an excellent choice if you want to make it more modern. It’s an especially good idea if you only have a small space to work with because you can remove any barriers or unnecessary walls. If you’re putting in a shower, forget the cubicle and leave it open, with sloping sides to help the water drain. Another great benefit of having a wet room is that you can get fittings that will clean themselves for easy maintenance. Even without them, the nature of a wet room makes it easy to spray down, so cleaning doesn’t take as long. This not only helps to make your bathroom more modern but it’s also better for people who are less mobile or just don’t want to spend so much time cleaning.

A modern bathroom could soon be yours. Take a look at all your options and come up with a plan to modernize your bathroom.

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