Making a Rental Home Your Own

Gone are the days of leaving your parents’ home and buying a house straight away. This is something that very few people are now able to do unless they live with their family for much longer. Most of us have to spend some time renting before we are able to buy. Some people even continue to rent once they have got married or had children of their own. In fact, some people are never able to buy.


While renting for long periods of time isn’t ideal, it’s much better than having nowhere to live, and many rental homes are lovely, with fantastic landlords. But, even the best rental, is at the end of the day, someone else’s house. You don’t own it, and there is only so much that you can do. Some landlords will allow you to decorate and make some cosmetic changes, but even then, you might not want to spend a fortune on a home that won’t always be yours. You certainly don’t want to work hard and increase its value, for your landlord to decide to sell and price it out of your budget.


However, it’s important that your house feels like a home, no matter how long you plan to live in it. This will help you to settle and relax and give you the chance to enjoy your time there. So, if you’ve found a great rental, hire a removalist to help you move and start making it a home for you and your family.


Paint the Walls

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Most landlords don’t mind you painting the walls, as long as it’s either a neutral color or you are happy to paint it back when you leave. Painting is a fantastic way to brighten up your rooms and make your home look cleaner. It also gives you a great base to add your own style. Stick to light, plain colors so that you can accessorize easily.


Add Prints


Prints, framed posters and photographs are a brilliant way to add your own taste and really change a room. Just adding a few prints to each room can add color and style and make your home look totally different. Look online for some cool artwork, find cheaper prints or if you are on a budget, frame cool pages from magazines or wallpaper and wrapping paper samples.


Add Rugs

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You might not want to spend a lot of money replacing the carpets, but landlords often save money by installing budget carpets without underlay, which may not be ideal. Add color, depth, warmth and comfort by placing thick, fun rugs on any large patches of floor space.


Use Removable Wallpaper


If you want to do more than just paint, just don’t want to spend a lot of time and money wallpapering, use peel and stick paper. Add it to existing paper or painted walls, then simply pull it down when you leave, without having to worry about scrapping paper off or doing damage to the walls.


There’s no reason that a rental house, even a small one, can’t make a great home for you and your family. Take your time, try some décor ideas and add your personality.

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