Lots of Cleaning Tips That Can Make This Process Easier and More Effective

When it comes to cleaning, most homeowners want two things. First, they want a clean home where their whole family feels comfortable. Second, they don’t want to devote their lives to cleaning. While those two goals may seem like they’re in opposition to each other, that doesn’t have to be the case. Instead, it’s definitely possible to keep your home clean with just a small investment of time.

The key to making that happen is knowing how to get the most out of every minute that you spend cleaning. Although that may sound really hard to do, it’s actually much easier than most people expect. The key is having the right strategy to follow. Once you’ve got that covered, everything else will fall into place. And luckily for you, all the tips we’re about to go over are exactly what you need in order to create a highly efficient cleaning strategy:

Conquer the Kitchen

When you’re ready to clean your kitchen, start on the right side of the stove. From there, you’ll want to move clockwise through this space. The reason that’s the ideal path to follow is it ensures you don’t end up spreading grease and dirt through areas that are already clean. When you reach the sink, baking soda can work really well. But if you do decide to go with a commercial cleaning product, just be sure it’s not one that’s unsafe. Finally, if you want to minimize the amount of work you need to do in the kitchen in the first place, make a point of cleaning up as you cook. The simplest way to do that is fill the sink with water and let cookware soak as you’re eating so you won’t have to worry about tons of scrubbing after your meal.

Bathrooms Don’t Have to Be That Bad

Many homeowners dread the thought of cleaning their bathroom. The main reason is they think it’s the dirtiest and the most time consuming to clean. While that can be the case if this space has been neglected for a long time, if you take simple steps like spraying your shower walls on a daily basis to minimize mold accumulation, scrubbing it and the rest of this area down shouldn’t take very long at all.

A Little Professional Help Can Go a Long Way

Plenty of homeowners can’t justify the ongoing cost of hiring someone to clean their home on a regular basis. Although there’s nothing wrong with cleaning your own home, a common mistake is thinking that it’s an all or nothing decision. In reality, not only is there a middle ground, but finding a happy medium can be the best option. For example, when you notice that your carpet is getting visibly dirty despite cleaning it on a regular basis, the simple solution is to get in touch with the professionals at Chemdry.com. Once they take care of thoroughly cleaning your carpet, you’ll be able to continue enjoying the results for a long time with just a regular amount of upkeep.

How to Make Hard Floors Easy

 photo cleaning_floors_zpsb16c1051.jpg

Whether it’s wood or tile, there are probably multiple floors in your home that require sweeping. For those areas, you’ll want to choose a broom that has finer bristles. The reason this type of broom is preferable to one with thicker bristles is because it will allow you to pick up even the smallest of dirt particles.

In terms of how to approach sweeping, it’s always best to start from the outside of the area. This will allow you to move all of the dirt to the center of the space without worrying about missing anything. From there, you can push it into a dustpan that has a rubber edge and then you will be done with this task.

What’s nice about cleaning your home is there’s not a right or wrong way. Instead, you can use all the tips we’ve covered and any others to create a strategy that works really well for your specific home. And once you get in the swing of executing that strategy, you’ll find that you’re able to keep your house very clean in significantly less time than you ever thought possible.

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