Living With A Doggy That Is Always Full of Beans

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Dogs are amazing. They’re adorable and loving and kind and loyal and beautiful. That doesn’t mean they’re not hard work as well, especially dogs that are full of beans and constantly hyper. That’s when your own sanity can start to waver. Luckily, the reasons why your dog is a little hyper can be quite easy to distinguish, and often come from boredom or lack of stimulation.


What this means is, you may need to address how you interact with your dog and what kind activities you do with them. As such, we have come up with a few simple techniques you can use to calm your super-excited dog down a bit. Like the old saying goes, keep calm and carry on.


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Ignore Them When They’re In That Kind Of Mood

If there is one thing all dogs have in common it is the need to constantly have your attention. They want it. They love it. They thrive off it. But if you pay your dog attention while it is in the middle of one of its full of beans moments all you’ll do is reinforce this behavior. Seriously. Try not to pay your dog any attention while it is having a hyper moment. We know it can be hard to all the jumping and nipping and all of that stuff, but try and do the ignoring thing. Barking too, although this website could help. Otherwise, remember, no touching or talking or eye contact. Fingers crossed that your dog will settle down pretty quickly after this. Like we said, they feed off your attention, so use that fact to your advantage.


Jobs Are As important For Dogs As People

One of the most effective ways to calm a hyperactive doggy is to try and take its mind off the fact it has a lot of energy. You see, a lot of the time dogs have energy as part of their psychological needs as much as their physical needs, which is where a task can help. No. We’re not talking about sending your dog out to work at the Post Office or something, just a task, such as wearing a backpack. What this does is makes them concentrate on the extra weight they are carrying, and that often works as a way of calming them down. It keeps them focused on their job and not on their dire need to chase a rabbit across the lawn or anything like that.


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Refocus All that Doggy Energy They Have

What makes living with a really energetic dog so hard at times is not the fact they have loads of energy it is the fact they have loads of energy when they should be chilling out. That’s where you come in because it is your responsibility to redirect that energy somewhere else. We suggest taking them to the park with a tennis racket and a ball and helping them burn their energy off that way. Perhaps you could teach them some stuff, tricks or rules or anything. Or you could take them on a long and vigorous walk could do the trick. It is just a matter of burning that energy off to help them feel less pent up and frustrated, which will help them relax. Don’t think of this as a chore, though, look at it as a chance to bond with your pup as well as get fit yourself.


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The Key To A Dog Is Through Its Nose

One of the things that many dog owners sometimes forget is that a dog’s best sense its sense of smell. They have a wonderful nose, one that allows them to explore the world one sniff at a time. Why not use this to your advantage if you have a hyper dog? Lavender has a calming influence on you, so there is no reason as to why it shouldn’t work on your dog. After all, soothing smells are soothing smells, no matter who or what you are. To make sure you get this spot on, though, we recommend you talk to your vet about which smells are best and safest for your breed of dog, and how to go about dispersing this smell in the safest way possible.  


A Dog’s Mood Is A Reflection of Your Own

If your dog is jumpy, nervous, erratic, confident, bouncy or whatever, it could be because that is the kind of energy you are giving off. Dog’s mirror the actions and behaviors of their owners. It is a natural behavioral pattern among almost all dogs. You voice, language, tone, body language, everything like that can have an influence on your doggy. So make sure you understand what energy you are giving off so that you can better help your dog stay relaxed and calm.

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