Keeping Your Kids Safe When They Play Outdoors This Summer

There’s nothing more beautiful than watching your little ones running around the backyard and enjoying the summer sunshine. However, your garden could house a few risks and danger areas when it comes to your children, which can sometimes result in mild to severe injuries. Therefore it’s vital that you safety proof your outside space as much as possible, to help prevent unnecessary tears. The following are some key areas of your outdoor space that you might want to check over so that your kids can play freely; and all you’ll hear is giggling, instead of crying (unless someone drops their ice cream).


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Trip Hazards


To help avoid everything from grazed knees to broken bones, you’ll need to ensure that your lawn and paved areas are kept as clear and tidy as possible. Trip hazards, like tree roots, large stones, and garden equipment left lying around in long grass, can all be dangerous to little legs running around the yard space. Check out this link to discover what other risks your garden can pose to your kids: If you regularly mow your grass and sweep away and debris from concrete areas, you’ll be able to spot anything that may cause your child to fall and hurt themselves.


Get the children involved in cleaning up the yard each day; make sure all toys and garden equipment are put away, and any branches and sticks are moved into a visible pile. You’ll also be eliminating the risk of stepping on anything and hurting yourself (try to picture the classic cartoon-style stepping on the end of a rake situation).


Fencing And Barriers


Kids are great at running off and disappearing out of sight pretty quickly (an annoying talent they have), so garden fencing, gates they can’t open, and barriers can become your best friends. You can take a look at the following, to help you understand how a fence can easily be incorporated into your backyard space:, and you’ll be able to consider the key areas that need a barrier the most. If your family is lucky enough to have a pool, for example, you’ll need to ensure that your kids cannot access it without an adult there; the dangers are far too high. See some more tips on pool safety here.


As long as you ensure that dangerous areas in your garden are fenced off, and your outside space is contained and secure; you’ll be able to take some of the pressure off your shoulders, in the knowledge that your kids can’t hatch a sudden escape plan.


Adequate Shade


Even though you probably want your little ones to spend as much time as possible outdoors, enjoying the sun and fresh air; you’ll need to ensure that they aren’t always playing in direct sunlight. The sun and heat can be dangerous for your little ones, no matter how much sun lotion you put on them and whether they’re covered up or not. Encourage them to play in shaded areas; under trees, or in a homemade den, and ensure that they’re not at risk of sunburn or prickly heat.


Remember that you are carrying out all the safety checks so that your garden and home is as fun as possible for you and your family to enjoy, so invest a little time for a big pay off. You could always start a water fight to cool everyone off, just make sure that it’s you who’s at a safe distance!

Joy Happiness Happy Happy Children Girl Playing

Joy Happiness Happy Happy Children Girl Playing

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