Keep Your Kitchen Green Just Like Your Veggies!



Green is such a healthy color! We all know that green veggies are incredibly healthy for us, but did you know that green kitchens are extremely good for the world and environment in which we live? I don’t mean that you should paint your kitchen in green and buy lots of green furniture for it, though! I mean you should try and make your kitchen as eco-friendly as possible. Not only will it do wonders for the environment, but it will also be a great way to start cooking healthier food as well.


Ready to go green in the kitchen? Here are some top tips to keep it just as green as your healthy veggies!

Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products


Even though cleaning products are great at keeping kitchens sparkling clean, the strong chemicals in them are actually quite bad for the environment. Plus, they can be dangerous if you have young children in your home. It’s a good idea to switch to some eco-friendly products. Thankfully, most supermarkets have started selling green cleaning products now. If you can’t find any on the shelves, though, you might want to try and make your own using these recipes.


Buy Organic


The ingredients you cook with in your kitchen will have a big impact on the overall environmentally friendliness of your kitchen. If you are buying ingredients from suppliers and producers that aren’t using green methods of farming and production, you will find that this increases your own carbon footprint. So, it’s worth researching where your food is coming from and trying to always buy organic if possible. You can click here to find out more about one of the companies that is helping farmers improve their production methods. As long as you buy organic, though, you can be sure that your food is green!



Go Plastic-Free


If you regularly save leftovers to enjoy for lunch the following day, you probably keep them in Tupperware tubs in your fridge. You might also wrap your kids’ packed lunches in cling-film so they stay fresh in their lunchboxes. However, all of this is a lot of plastic, which is very bad for the environment. If possible, you need to try and go plastic-free in your kitchen. Start storing your leftovers in glass tubs and jars. You can wrap your kids’ lunches in recyclable paper. It’s also useful to take reusable carrier bags to the supermarket so you don’t have to use their plastic ones.


Start To Compost


Do you create a lot of food waste in your kitchen? If so, why not use it to start composting. All you need is a metal bin outside that you can put all this organic waste into. It will then start to decompose and then, after a couple of months, you can start to spread it on your garden as a natural fertilizer.


Hopefully, all of the tips above can help you turn your kitchen into an environmentally friendly haven. And you can be happy knowing you are doing something good for the world!

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