Keep Your Garden Colourful This Winter


Autumn is a gorgeous season; the vibrant colours give the sky and trees a fiery glow, and when the leaves fall it’s like it’s raining gold. Unfortunately, although the leaves might turn orange, red, and brown, the rest of our garden starts to wither away and die. Once all the leaves have fallen we’ll have nothing left but a dreary brown and grey view from our windows. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. With a bit of autumn TLC to get ready for winter, you can keep your garden looking colourful until spring starts to bloom.


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Green lawn

The lawn is the first thing that starts to disappear under the growing pile of fallen leaves. After the leaves have been cleared away and turned into compost, most lawns become semi-dormant during winter, and their growth rate dramatically slows down. To prevent the from losing their lush green glow, begin your winter lawn care in the autumn. As the weather gets colder, make sure the lawn doesn’t get too much water by increasing the time between turning on the sprinklers. Once winter comes, mow your lawn less frequently to keep it in good condition. It might not stay completely green, but it will definitely regain its lush colour in spring.

Homely trees

Trees are usually the main attraction in autumn, but this is also the perfect time to make sure they’re providing a good home for all the animals. Although a lot of animals hibernate or fly south for the winter, there is still plenty of wildlife that could use your tree as a winter home. You can buy a basic birdhouse yourself, or put your DIY skills to the test by making it yourself on a table saw. Read the reviews on to make sure you get the best value for your money, but it is a good project for the whole family to do in the lead up to winter. Once the birdhouse is complete, just wait for a Jay, Coal Tit, or Blackcap to visit your garden. All birds will add colour and music to your garden this winter.

Nuthatch Nature Wild Feeder Bird Garden Avian

Nuthatch Nature Wild Feeder Bird Garden Avian

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Winter flowers

Gardening does not end in autumn. The longer nights, shorter days, and colder weather just means you have to adjust which plants you’re growing in the garden. There are plenty of flowers that thrive in autumn and winter, which add a lot of colour to your backyard; crocuses are best known for their ability to blossom in the autumn weather; dahlias come in exotic colours and are best for working as a border as other plants begin to tire; finally, who can forget to plant snowdrops so you can anticipate something blooming in the harsh winter. And that’s just flowers! If you love growing your own food, there are plenty of vegetables you can plant throughout winter to keep feeding your family for free. Check out for advice on what to plant in your winter vegetable garden.

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