Is The Puppy Biting A Big Hole In Your Wallet?

Dogs cost money, that’s unavoidable. You can immediately save yourself some by getting a mongrel or adopting instead of buying pedigree, but if you’re reading this you might already be past that point. Don’t cut costs by giving your furry friend less, however. Instead, be smarter about what you get and where you get it from. Here’s how you make your dog a lot less demanding on your wallet.


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Ignore brand power

The biggest recurring expense is dog food. For one, buy it in bulk from now. If you have the space in the car, it saves you multiple trips which add up to more money spent over time. But beyond that, don’t be afraid of going for cheaper brands, either. Reading up on the nutrition, there are plenty do as much if not more for your dogs but without bringing the costs of brand power with them.


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The ever-growing pile of broken toys

Dogs do love their toys, and they need them, as well. They’re a vital part of play and spending any spare energy left over after their walk. They keep them from the furniture, too. However, most of them break easily as will tell you. Stop buying toys because they look cute or because they’re cheap. That will only resort in spending more later. Buy toys that last, first and foremost.


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Collateral damage

There’s also the point to consider that your dog is likely going to cost you by causing damage to property. Not only your own, but it might chew up a neighbor’s lawn ornament or leave teeth marks all over someone’s fence. Then you have to cough up some money. Living with an energetic dog takes effort, but you can stop them from getting too out of control. Invest in training classes or buy some low-carb treats and spend time training them to listen to commands yourself. If you have more control over them, you can stop them from causing said collateral damage.


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Get used to grooming

Pet groomers might save you time when you need it, but if you have the time, you should be grooming the dog yourself. has tips on just how you can do that. Plus, there’s no-one the dog will trust more than you. If you’ve trained them well, you’re not going to see any of the struggling or even biting that groomers might have to deal with.


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Be smart with their health

It might sound hard, but you might be able to get away with calling the vet less often than not. Be aware of symptoms that merit a warning sign and always call up the office to hear what to do if they’ve eaten something that’s dangerous. But be aware that the majority of dog health concerns tend to pass themselves with time. Otherwise, you should save by buying medicine like flea treatments and healthy foods from places other than the vets. They might be an essential service for the dog’s health but they almost always overcharge on medication you can buy elsewhere.

Of course, there will always be unexpected costs no matter what you do. It’s a good idea to set up a “doggy emergency” fund of a thousand or two, building it up over time so that no unexpected expenses take a big bite out of your finances.


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