Is It Time To Change Your TV Out?

Every time you sit down to boot up Netflix, you might notice something is a bit off. The picture might not look as good as you assumed it would, there might be ‘artifacts’ breaking across the screen. After ten, or even five years, TV sets can age fast. Now, you don’t have to be based around the TV every single day to realize that the TV is an important thing – it entertains us, informs us and lets us decompress and let a bit of stress out.



Not many of us like getting hands on with technology – but newsflash, we are only going to rely more and more on technology with every single passing day. You either get on the boat, or get left behind and that’s the truth. However, you don’t need to be scared about getting involved with tech – TV’s are very easy to understand – and if you’ve spotted issues with your current aging set. We need to take a driving seat with tech in the household – because it’s not just important, but expensive. What’s more, there are energy consumption considerations. Buying the wrong set can be a drain – and it’s your responsibility to know a bit more about the things in your own home! Newer TV’s can be less of a burden when it comes to energy bills.


What are we looking for from a TV? It depends. Certainly, you can choose to up your game if you’ve used people like Twiddy to construct a home theater, you’re going to need a bit more than a 32′ set, aren’t you? You might even need a projector! It depends on your needs. If you’ve got a big lounge and a big family, you might need a bigger set – but if you’ve got smaller room, you’ll need to restrict it a little bit.


As for costs? It depends on what you want. There’s sets that can set you back 30 grand! You won’t need these, though – nobody does. For a good set, a really good set, you’ll need to spend over one thousand bucks, but for something decent, you won’t need to spend much more than $400, which is good. You can be thrifty here, because there’s a lot of choice.


Why might you change? Well – because of errors with your old set or to take advantage of the new TV features you might miss out on. 3D, 4K HD, internet connectivity, Apps, USB ports. All of these things can make life a little easier – or better – when it comes to TV. You’ll need to identify a moment to upgrade, and there’s never a perfect moment – simply because new sets are being released all the time! You will have to upgrade before you need or are forced to upgrade, basically.



There’s no real ‘spec’ that you should be looking for really – especially for a family. Gamers will go on about ‘response rate’, but for the most part, just get a TV that looks good. Sound doesn’t matter much as anyone serious about viewing will get speakers for their set. All in all, it might be time to change that old set out!

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