Interior Design Tips My Family Utilised This Year

Interior Design Tips My Family Utilised This YearI’d like to fill you in on how I made the interior of my home look fantastic this summer. Before starting work, I spent a long time reading articles online and looking for ideas. You should do the same thing if you want to achieve good results. During that process, I found a list of tips that helped me to make all the final decisions. I’m going to highlight some of the most important ones on this page. Hopefully, they should serve you as well as they served me.


After the success of my last couple of posts, I thought it was time to release something that covers interior design. You’ve already read about the exterior tasks I undertook this year. So it is now time to take a peep inside my home for a change.


  • Keep things simple!


The first tip relates to keeping things simple. Overcrowding your rooms with lots of unnecessary items is never a wise move. It will make your space appear cluttered, and you won’t impress your friends. I chose to buy furniture items with lots of hidden storage compartments. That allowed me to remove all those unsightly items without throwing them in the bun. Also, I opted for plain laminate flooring in my lounge. That said, I have to admit that covering most of it with a thick rug was the best decision I made. Now my feet are always comfortable and toasty.


  • Create a feature wall


There are lots of different techniques you could use to create a feature wall. Some people head out and purchase expensive wallpaper to give their space something special. I decided that buying a full-size wall unit was the best idea. My family has so many DVDs and Blu-rays that we needed somewhere to keep them all. The unit I found online covers the whole wall, and it also provides a strong base to house our TV. At the end of the day, the decision is down to you. Just make sure you do something that will make one wall stand out from the crowd.


  • Use professional painters


A professional interior painter will know how to get the best results. You should always listen to their advice whenever it is offered. They are the ones with lots of experience. So, they are sure to give you some brilliant ideas. In most instances, it makes sense to opt for neutral colors downstairs. You can get a little more creative when it comes to decorating the bedrooms. I employed an expert because painting is my least favorite job. I contacted lots of different companies in my local area to get quotes. Surprisingly, most of them offered an affordable service.


I put all three of those tips into practice over the course of two weeks. My partner was away on business, and so I wanted to surprise him. He told me I’d done a fantastic job. To be honest, I’m more than happy with our homes interior design these days. No matter what happens in the future, I’ll follow the same basic process again next time.


Good luck creating something fantastic this summer!


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