I Used To Be Ashamed Of My Teeth. Find Out How I Improved Them!

Once upon a time I used to avoid smiling. In fact, all I could force myself to do was a weird grimace. You might be wondering why I used to do that instead of smile. The answer is simple: I hated my teeth! They were in such bad shape that I was quite ashamed to show them off to the world.


In fact, I’d try and avoid social situations in case I had to smile or laugh, for example. One day, I decided that enough was enough! I had to muster a lot of courage to speak with a dentist about my teeth, but I’m glad that I did.


Nowadays, I can’t stop smiling for love nor money! I will use any opportunity to smile or laugh so that I can show off my teeth! By now, you are perhaps wondering what it was that I did to sort my teeth out.

I Used To Be Ashamed Of My Teeth. Find Out How I Improved Them!

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Well, it was more a series of treatments and lifestyle changes. Intrigued? Keep reading to find out more about what I did. You never know; you might find some of these tips handy for your teeth too!

I stopped drinking tea and coffee


Don’t get me wrong; I love drinking a latte or two. And on a cold winter’s evening, one of my favorite pastimes was to drink a nice hot cup of tea. But, drinking these hot beverages on a regular basis was a bad idea for my teeth.


They were one of the causes of stains on my teeth. In fact, few people know that their daily dose of coffee has such an impact on their pearly whites.


I gave up smoking


Around the time I decided to sort my teeth out, I decided to make a few other changes in my life. One of them was to give up smoking. The main reasons for doing so were to lessen the risk of getting cancer and to save money.

I Used To Be Ashamed Of My Teeth. Find Out How I Improved Them

Source: Pixabay


But, one other benefit of giving up smoking is that you aren’t contributing to stained teeth! Now I don’t have to worry about the tar in cigarettes ruining my smile.


I went to see a dentist


Like many people, I’m not a fan of dentists. Yes, I’m sure they are great people on a social level; I just don’t like what they do for a living! Any visit to a dentist always conjures up thoughts of drilling and pain in my mind!


I decided to see a biological dentist instead. The great thing about seeing such dentists is they can offer alternative treatments. In other words, ones that don’t involve lots of drilling or pain.


I started using an electric toothbrush


Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always used a “manual” toothbrush. After all; they’re cheap, easy to use and come in a range of different styles. But, what some folks might not know is electric ones are better.


Why? It’s simple. They tend to access parts of your teeth that you can’t reach with an ordinary toothbrush. That’s because they have a revolving head.


These days, electric toothbrushes are cheap and have a long battery life. That means they last a long time before needing a charge. I’m glad my dentist recommended I get one; it’s the best investment I’ve ever made!


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