How You Can Embrace Winter

Winter is definitely here and the season and weather has changed from being picturesque and autumnal to icy and cold. There is certainly a chill in the air, wouldn’t you agree? Often this can be really enjoyable, when it isn’t raining. You can wrap up warm, but on your hat and scarf and enjoy the crisp air. However. there is also something rather comforting about this time of year. While it is nearly Christmas and we can celebrate all the wonderful festivities and events that go alongside it, this season is also the opportunity to spend cozy days in the warmth with the family. It sounds like heaven doesn’t it? That is, until you realise that your home isn’t prepared for the sudden drop in temperature and the weather getting worse by the day.  Our homes do need an element of winter proofing before we can sit back and enjoy everything the colder season has to offer. So what do you do? How do you go about ensuring that your home can tackle the cold weather and you can enjoy practicing your hygge in peace? Rest assured there are things you can do to ensure that your home can withstand the pressure. Here are some of the things you could do to your home to give it the winter proofing it needs.



Check your heating is working sufficiently


As the colder weather sets in, we automatically head to our thermostats to crank up the inside temperature. It’s just a natural reaction, isn’t it? But, for some of us, our heating systems may not have been used for some time. Especially if you’re one of those families that like to save as much as they can on their energy bills and only switch it on at the last moment. Adding additional pressure to a system that hasn’t been used could cause it to fail when you need it the most. So it might be worth getting some experts to come around and check over your heating system. Much the same can be said for your HVAC system. While you may feel that this might not be needed during the winter, it is also worth checking to ensure that you can regulate the air in your home and avoid other problems arising like condensation on the windows. These experts and technicians may be able to identify any lurking issues or predict any problems you might have. Failing that, if it does break down it is always worth having someone recommended on standby.


Treat yourself to some new cozy blankets


There is nothing more comforting than settling in for a cold winter’s evening with a blanket and a hot water bottle. Add a nice hot chocolate, glass of red wine or a comforting cup of tea into the mix and you have the ideal evening. Not forgetting the biscuits or comfort food of course. So now would be the perfect time to peruse those home interior stores and invest in some cozy blankets for the winter months ahead. Instagram is great source of inspiration for things like this. You can find some cute small businesses that offer some amazing styling features such as blankets, and even quirky cushions to give your home the cozy revamp it really needs. Whether you choose something fleecy or soft, it’s always nice to have some new blankets for movie evenings and cold nights.


Master the art of the perfect hot chocolate


Hot chocolate is the drink of choice for most families when settling in from the cold. It can be very comforting and it also has some relaxing properties as you settle down in for the night. So use this as the perfect opportunity to master your hot chocolate making skills. Some people are even using their crockpots and slow cookers to create amazing hot chocolate concoctions. The adults can always look at adding a cheeky shot of their favorite liquor in theirs. It is the holiday season after all. Children love a hot chocolate, so setting up a hot chocolate station where they can add their own marshmallows, sprinkles and cream could be a winning combination for a great night in and will certainly feel like a real treat.

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Ensure that any exposed pipework is protected


As winter progresses, the weather can get worse for many of us, and this might include ice and snow. It certainly looks pretty from the indoors but can cause a real problem for you when having to venture outside or keep your home in good working order. So a handy tip is to make sure all exposed pipework is protected with insulation. This could be as easy as adding a foam surround to ensure that the temperature can remain a little warmer inside the pipes. The last thing anyone wants is freezing pipes bursting and causing you major plumbing issues.


Check your exterior drains and gutters are not blocked


Finally, as all the leaves will have decided to fall off the trees and gather, you might want to check your drains and gutters. These areas of your home are the ideal place for leaves to gather and collect, and in many cases, you don’t even realise it is happening. The weather at this time of year can be unpredictable, and things can go from torrential rainfall to heavy snow. Often without much notice either, even if you do trust your iPhone app to provide you with up to date forecasts. Flooding can cause huge issues for many homes if gutters and drains are not properly cared for. The gutters and drains can get blocked easily, and then the water or even melted snow has no place to escape. Therefore causing more damage than what you may have predicted. It’s time to tackle the chore once and for all, and at least when the snow does start, you can relax and enjoy it, from the comfort of your blanket and with a hot chocolate in hand.


I hope these tips help you winter-proof your home as soon as possible so you can embrace the colder season.


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