How We Renovated Our Garage Last Year

My partner and I spent around two weeks renovating our garage last year. We wanted to create an area that was suitable for working, but also fine for the kids. So, we decided to split the garage into two halves. It was already a big space, and so there was more than enough room to make the changes. I’ll highlight some of the biggest alterations we made in just a moment. Hopefully, reading them today will help to encourage you. Converting your garage and making it more functional is a fantastic idea. That is especially true if you don’t keep your cars in there. It would be a shame not to use the area to its full potential. At the end of the day, you paid for it when you purchased the property.

How We Renovated Our Garage Last Year



Adding plasterboard and insulation


Firstly, we had to deal with the issue of heat retention. Up until we made the changes, my partner would use a gas heater whenever he spent time in the garage. However, that was very costly because he had to keep it on all the time. You see, the room was just too drafty, and it didn’t retain enough heat. With that in mind, we purchased some insulation boards and plasterboard. We placed the insulation against the walls and then nailed the plasterboard on top. You might have to create some sectional beams to do that if your walls are currently flat. However, the job didn’t take any longer than a couple of hours.


Replacing the garage door


We made lots of basic repairs to the room during this process. However, it was important for us to replace the garage door before going any further. Our old one was drafty, and a little worse for wear. We selected a new garage door that met all our requirements. It was created from wood, and it was also made to measure. That meant there were no open corners where cold air might sneak into the room. We paid more than $1,000 for our doors because we wanted a premium product that would last for a long time. Even so, you can get much cheaper solutions if you do some research online. You could even make some yourself if you have decent DIY skills.


Raising the floor


Before we could move the kids stuff into our new garage, we had to raise the floor about ten inches. Keeping everything off the ground would also help to ensure the room stayed warm. To save money, we obtained lots of standard pallets from a local warehousing company. They were more than happy to give them away for free. We laid them on the floor and then fixed wooden sheets into place. Hey presto! We had a raised floor that would ensure our children’s feet didn’t get too cold. You should do the same thing if you want the garage to feel more like other rooms in your home. We decided to lay some carpet over the raised floor to add more insulation to the room.


Now you know about some of the changes we made when converting our garage, you should have enough information to make a start. Just remember that all decisions are down to you. Don’t follow anything you read online if you can think of something better. The process we used was right for our home. You might need to make extra alterations to get the same results. It all comes down to the nature of your property.

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