How to Throw an Epic Kids’ Halloween Party

How to Throw an Epic Kids' Halloween PartyMaryland GovPics


It’s not long now until Halloween, a time of year when everyone gets to be someone they’re not. It’s loved by both kids and adults, but especially by children. If you want to throw a Halloween party for the neighborhood kids or just a few friends of your own, you can create an awesome setup. Whether you’ll have four-year-olds or twelve-year-olds, you can give them a frighteningly good time. There are a few things to think about, from the decorations to the food and drink. But setting up an epic kids’ Halloween party could be much easier than you think.


Think About the Ages of Your Guests


Before you set up your party, you have to think about the ages of your guests. If they’re young, you can include some gross stuff and a couple of silly surprises. But you don’t want to scare them out of their minds. Ghosts shouting “boo!” is about the level you should stay at for little ones. But older children and teenagers won’t mind getting more of a fright. In fact, they’ll be disappointed if they don’t get one. Keep the age of your guests in mind when you’re planning, and try to accommodate everyone if you can.


Get Decorating


Creating a spooky atmosphere is crucial to setting up your party. However, remember not to go too scary with little ones. For younger kids, it might be best to stick with paper chains and plastic pumpkins and spiders. There are lots of neat things you can do to create the right feeling, including hiring a smoke machine to make some fog. You can use low lighting and even candles, as long as you’re safe. Put up fake cobwebs and try to make everything look older than it is.


Set Up Fun Activities


Everyone will want things to do. Otherwise, they’ll just be sitting around. You could get some adults and older children to dress as spooky characters and stand around the house. One of your activities can be a house tour, where people give them a fright. Face painting is fun for little ones and anyone else who doesn’t already have a mask. A lot of people will get some cheap face paints from a dollar store. But if you want to create some incredible designs, buy a quality brand instead. For example, Mehron cosmetics are designed for theatrical use and will give you vivid colors. You could also set up some games, such as apple bobbing, but put a Halloween spin on them. Putting music in one room for dancing might be a good idea too.


Make Some Spooky Food and Drink


Make sure there’s plenty of food and drink to stop people getting hungry and thirsty. You can find lots of fun ideas for creating Halloween snacks. For example, make cake pops decorated to look like eyeballs or punch that looks like blood or slime. You can make both sweet and savory items, as well as drinks.


It’s not difficult to plan an epic Halloween party for children. As long as you keep them entertained, they’ll love whatever you do.

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