How to Select Your Ideal Wedding Destination


If you plan on getting married abroad, you need to make sure you select the ideal destination for your needs. If you take the time to pick the perfect wedding destination for your needs, you and your guests will have an unforgettable time. Use this guide to help you select your ideal wedding destination and you’ll have the best day ever!


How Much Work Do You Want?


The place you pick will have a direct impact on how much work you do to sort out the venue and other aspects relating to the wedding. If you don’t want to do much work, you’ll need to pick somewhere naturally beautiful that has great reviews when it comes to weddings. Somewhere you can have your wedding pictures taken without needing to lift a finger! If you don’t mind putting some work in to make the venue your own, you can be a little more flexible.


How Many Guests Would You Like?


Make sure you write out your guest list before you select your ideal wedding destination. Write out the priority guests first, such as both of your families and your best friends. You can then choose a destination based on people you definitely want there. Will they be able to afford it and access the location? If not, you may need to re-think. Anybody else that comes to your wedding can be a bonus for you. You might be surprised at who makes the effort and who doesn’t!


Consider Your Personalities


It’s a good idea to consider your personalities and not just pick the first pretty place you find on a generic list. If you both love food, why not go somewhere renowned for it’s delicious dishes? If you both love turtles, get married somewhere you can see them on the beach. Consider things that might make your wedding extra special and personal to you and go from there.


Research Summer/Winter Seasons


Winter and summer are different from country to country. Some countries even have rainy seasons, so make sure you’re prepared for all of that. If you want your wedding outdoors, you can’t risk any rain ruining your big day.

How to Select Your Ideal Wedding Destinationcredit


Look at Local Marriage Requirements


Local marriage requirements will vary depending on where you decide to marry too. So don’t just assume you can get married as you would in your own country! Weddings abroad are a little more complicated, so don’t cut corners.


Travel Over at Least Once


It’ll cost more money out of your budget, but you should travel over to the destination at least once just to check it over and make sure that’s where you really want to get married. If it turns out that it isn’t a good match for you, you will have saved yourselves a lot of hassle in the long run!


Consider Your Outfit


If you have a huge frilly princess dress in mind, you don’t want to get married somewhere the heat is too much to handle. You’ll sweat off all of your makeup! If you have your heart set on a particular style take this into account when you select the destination.


Good luck!

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