How To Reverse Those Pesky Signs Of Aging

Once those first few wrinkles set in, there’s no going back. Or is there? Aging is an inevitable process, but that doesn’t mean you have to go down without a fight. You don’t have to give up your youthful good looks, blemish-free skin, and gorgeous hair just yet. Trust me, I’ve been keeping those pesky signs of aging at bay since my twenties, and I plan to keep going. I know it can seem superficial, but we all like to look as young as we feel. That youthful appearance gives us confidence.


The best part is that it doesn’t take much to reverse the aging process. Keeping those aging signs at bay is easy. It’s all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and taking care of your body. Here’s how you do it.

How To Reverse Those Pesky Signs Of Aging



Look at your diet – We all know that your skin is the first aging giveaway. As your body grows older, your skin is the first to show. It will start to dry out, and even begin to sag in places. Those wrinkles will creep in, and the healthy glow will fade. There is one key way to stop this from happening. Change your diet! Cut out fats, sugars, and salts immediately; they’re causing untold damage to your skin. Now increase your vitamins and minerals through vegetables and complex carbohydrates. Not only will it help your skin, but it will boost your energy, making you feel years younger.


Get plenty of sleep – There’s a reason they call it beauty sleep! Stress and sleepless nights are a major factor in the aging process. While you catch up on your eight hours a night, your body uses this chance to heal itself. It repairs and replenishes skin cells, and recharges your brain. Your entire body is refreshed. Your skin is tightened. Your eyes are rejuvenated and brought to life. So, get into bed early, and get a good night’s sleep! It’s the best way to rediscover the beauty of youth.


Skin treatments – You’ve all seen the adverts for anti-aging creams and serums. I must say, I’ve tried them all! And few work as well as a simple moisturiser, if I’m honest. Having said that, there is one treatment that always works wonders for my skin: microdermabrasion. I originally went to the salon for a monthly professional treatment. But, I loved it so much, I had to get a home kit too. There are a few rules to doing microdermabrasion safely at home, but once you learn them, it’s easy. It clears the dead skin, leaving a fresh, soft complexion.


Exercise – Some people truly believe that exercising will send them to an early grave! They couldn’t be further from the truth. Exercise keeps your body sharp and focused. It works your muscles and your heart, keeping them young and healthy. Best of all, it brings out a natural, radiant glow.


You can practice all the tricks above, but I’ve saved the biggest secret until last. And what is that, you ask? It’s simple. Just feel young. Get out there and explore the world. Do things that give you life, and let you feel free. It’s the age you feel inside that counts!

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