How To Renovate Your House And Still Stay Sane



House renovations can be really hard work. Whether you’ve just picked up a sweet little fixer upper or you’ve been living in your place for years, and it needs a new lease of life, deciding to pull a property transformation comes at a cost. And that cost isn’t always financial. Although fixing up your home is always a good thing, and it comes with an incredible reward, there’s no doubt that it can be a stressful process.


From delays on work to budgets that always seem to get broken, renovation work does have its downsides. But that doesn’t have to put you off. If you’re serious about starting a home renovation and you want to make sure you can get through it one piece, you’re going to need to do what you can to stay sane. And, it doesn’t have to be easier said than done. Just take a look at some of these key ideas to keep you on track.


Be Realistic From The Start


One of the reasons that you’re going to find yourself stressing out during the renovation process is because you’re setting unrealistic expectations. If you want to make sure that you can get through your renovation work without freaking out, then you’re going to want to be realistic with yourself. Set a timeframe that isn’t going to push you and will be easily achievable. Even if it means that it’s going to take you longer than you first thought to get the work done, being sane through the process is more important.


Set Two Budgets


After your time frame, the second thing that’s going to stress you out during the process is money. When you’re renovating, budgets can be a nightmare. So, as with your time, you’re going to want to make sure that you are very realistic with your budget. Then, you’re going to make sure that you stay on budget too. To help with that, you may want to create two budgets; one that you should be sticking to and then a second one as a backup should you need it.


Set A Room Aside


Another reason that you can get very stressed out when you’re doing work on your house is that you’re living in a mess. When you’ve got a lot of mess around you, it will stress your mind out. So, to counteract this, you may want to think about keeping one room aside that you can live in mess-free. This could mean that you renovate the set room first to live in it, or that you keep one room until last and allow it to be your sanctuary to relax in while the work is going on.



Or Stay Somewhere Else


If that’s not going to work because you’ve got contractors working in every room at once, or the entire interior is being ripped out, then you may want to think about staying somewhere else. If you’re not able to stay with family, you may want to think the different places that you can stay during a renovation that may be cost effective. Alternative, you may want to think about putting up a temporary home on site so that you’re close to the works and still comfortable.


Keep Your Eye On The Prize


One of the reasons that you get stressed out during the project is because you’re thinking too much about the work and forgetting about the bigger picture. You may find that you’re able to keep your sanity by focusing on the reason why you’re doing this. When you picture the end result, you will find that it will keep your calm and be able to get you through it.


And Give Yourself Something To Look Forwards To


If the excitement of having a full refurbished home isn’t enough, then you may want to give yourself something to look forwards to by adding in a few snazzy design features. Depending on your tastes and what you like to do in life, this could be a choice of modern suspension freestanding tubs to relax in, a huge walk-in closet, or even a reading room that can be saved all to yourself. Either way, you’ll find that it keeps you sane.


Leave It To The Professionals


Finally, the best way to allow yourself to stay sane during the project is just to leave it to the professionals. If you’re struggling to handle work and the renovation, as well as everyday life and looking after children, don’t. Get professionals in and try not to get too involved or overwork yourself. If you’re able to stay detached, you should find that you can stay sane until the work is finished.

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