How to Pay for Expensive Plumbing Repairs

Many people head to home improvement stores for snakes and other plumbing supplies because they cannot afford to hire a plumber. Minor repairs like a leaky faucet or a toilet that keeps running are problems that you can fix with some tools those stores sell, but other repairs are best for professional and licensed plumbers working near your home. They can make those repairs without doing any damage to your plumbing system and can work around your busy schedule. When you call a Dallas plumber to your home and find that you need an expensive repair, you have a few options on how to pay.

Ask for a Cash Discount

If you do not have enough available credit or money in your bank account to pay for the expensive plumbing repair that you need, ask the company if it offers a cash discount. This type of discount applies to those who pay for the total cost entirely with cash. The company can save on the cost of processing your credit card payment and doesn’t need to worry about the check you use bouncing.

Check with Plumbing Programs

All licensed plumbers working today went through some type of training program, which most community colleges and vocational schools offer. Contact those schools and ask if they offer any practical training for students. With practical training, students work in the field under the guidance of a licensed plumber. Though the students do most of the work, the plumber is there to keep them from making mistakes. These students can work on projects like replacing a toilet, repairing a pipe deep inside your walls or installing a new water heater. The school may do the job for a reduced fee or for free.

Apply for Financing

If you need an expensive plumbing repair done quickly and don’t have the cash or credit to pay for it, you can apply for financing. Many plumbers living in Dallas and other major cities work with creditors who will help you pay for all the repairs and jobs that you need without putting down a large sum first. You might qualify for a financing program that gives you five to 10 years to pay off the total cost of the repair plus any interest charged each month. These programs let you pay off the total amount due earlier too.

Replacing your old hot water heater and doing other repairs in your home can cost a lot of money upfront but let you save on water and energy bills later. When you talk to a plumber and find that you need a costly repair you cannot afford, you can hire students to do the job, pay in cash or apply for financing.

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