How to Make Your Home an Oasis in the Summer

In just a few weeks, Memorial Day will be here and the summer season will kick off. Some people thrive during these mild days of sun and longer daylight hours. Then, there is the rest of the population who suffers through the sweltering heat and eagerly waits for the start of the cooler fall months. If you hate the heat, there are several steps you can take to lessen the impact of the summer season. Here are six ways to make your home feel like a cool oasis.

Turn Off the Electronics

Inside of your home, your goal should be to eliminate any unnecessary sources of heat. This way, your rooms will get an instant cool down. One of the biggest sources of warmth comes from your electronic devices plugged in and consuming energy. Take some time to do a walk-through of your home and unplug anything that isn’t being used. This way, you can save a bit of energy too.  

Swap Out Your Sheets

Your sheets can make the heat feel worse as well if you don’t have the right breathable fabric. Strip your bed of heavy fabrics like flannel or linen and opt for lighter, silkier sheets made of cotton. Change your heavy comforter to something lightweight and airy for the warm weather. When you first slip into bed at night after a long, hot day, you’ll feel a nice cooling effect.

Keep the Fans Circulating

Next, you should start to strategically use fans around the rooms of your home. Any space that has a ceiling fan should employ it to help circulate the air more freely. Make sure you switch the fan’s direction to clockwise so it distributes cool air instead of holding on to the heat.

Talk to Your HVAC Technician

Depending on your comfort level during the warmest days of the year, you’ll have to put most of the work onto your air conditioner. You can get your home ready for the summer by scheduling a tune-up for your HVAC system in the spring or late winter. Talk to a technician from a reputable company, like Bob’s Heating & AC, to see how you can make your system meet your home’s cooling demands on the hottest days.   

Give Your Stove a Break

To keep the temperature inside lower when the thermostat outside rises, you may want to give your stove and oven a break. Cooking on your appliances will only add to the heat inside of your house and make your air conditioner work harder. Try grilling outside instead.

Dim the Lights

The last way you can improve the inside feel of your home is to dim the lights a bit. Each light inside of your home puts out a small amount of heat and energy. Lots of lights can add to your feeling of suffocating heat. If you’re still feeling miserable during the hot afternoon, turn off the lights to give yourself a little more relief.

You can get through this year’s extreme summer weather if you work to keep your home cool. Try supplementing your air conditioner’s work when it’s hot outside by following a few of these tips.


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