How to Make Your Granite Countertops Look New Again

While granite is a very durable material, over time, it can lose its luster. This is especially true when it is used for kitchen countertops. You know all the use your countertops get. They see a lot on a daily basis. It shouldn’t be surprising then that your granite can start to look dull and suffer from other wear. Luckily, though, there are many options you have to help bring some life back to your granite countertops.

Common Issues

Before you start working on restoring your granite, it can help to understand a little about what things are causing it to dull or wear out. To begin with, grease is a huge culprit in the kitchen. It gets everywhere and creates a film over everything, including your countertops. Along with grease, soap or other cleaning products can leave films that dull the granite. Not only can the granite become dull but you may also notice scratches or etching on the surface from substances that are acidic. Here’s a look at some solutions to restore your granite’s look based on the type of problem.

Grease or Soap Build Up

If your countertops are suffering dullness due a film build up, you can try an acetone solution. Acetone will break down the film particles, allowing you to easily wipe it away. This type of issue most often happens close to the sink and stovetop areas. If you see it in other areas, it may not be a film. It could be sealer issues. Make sure to identify the issue before trying a fix.

Sealer Issues

Over time, the sealer that was applied to your countertops may wear down. As it goes away, so does the shiny look of your counters. When the sealer is the problem, your only good option is to have the countertop resealed. You can do this yourself, but it can be time-consuming. You have to completely clean the counter beforehand ensuring all residue is removed and then apply the sealer, which may need multiple coats. It may be easier to hire a professional to do this just to ensure it is done properly and quickly.

Light Etching

Light etching can dull the look of your granite because it creates a matte surface that doesn’t reflect light very well. When the etching is minor, you can usually buff it out with polishing powder. However, make sure the powder you use is specifically for granite. You may also want to check your manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure powder won’t cause more harm than good. The powder is mixed with some water to form a paste that you will then use to buff away the etching.

Deep Etching and Serious Fading

A countertop that is in really bad shape and shows major signs of wear may only be able to be repaired through refinishing. Short of heading to your granite & cabinet superstore for new countertops, refinishing is really the only solution for countertops that look old and suffer from fading. This should be left to the professionals. There is too much that can go wrong when trying to do it yourself if you don’t have experience doing it.

Granite is a beautiful material. It also can last a long time with proper care. However, you use your kitchen a lot and some days you may not feel like doing a deep cleaning. Even if you did clean every day, the countertop will still begin to show signs of age after some time. You may find that the issues are minor and an easy fix, or you may need to call in professionals to help restore them. Either way, there are solutions to help bring the life back to your granite countertops. 

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