How to Make Feather Shoulder Duster Earrings {diy}


I was lucky enough to be given some beautifully colored feathers from a tutorial exchange with Abakhan, hosted by Totally Tutorials! Being that I am on a huge jewelry kick, I have decided to turn them into these feather shoulder duster earrings, which are wonderful Fall colors!


  1. 6 feathers (2 of each color)
  2. 6 end caps
  3. ear hooks
  4. chain
  5. strong glue (i used weldbond because it’s nontoxic)
  6. pliers
  7. wire cutters (i only have one tool shown because it’s a 2-in-1)

Clip the tips of the feathers to the same length, but leave a little at the top to add the end cap to.

Dab glue to the end of the feather. You want enough for a sturdy hold, but not so much that it dries up and gets gooky and noticeable.

Place the end cap on each feather and let dry.

I had to let mine dry for 1+ hours before doing the next step.

Cut 2 pieces of chain that are the same length. I used green chain to accent the green feathers. Cut to desired length (I didn’t measure but I believe mine are about 2.5-3 inches long).

Attach ear wires to the top of each chain.

Attach 3 feathers at desired locations for each earring. I placed mine to the side so you could see where I placed them, but it’s really up to you!

PS – I party here!


  1. how cool! you make these look very easy to make. This would be a great gift for my younger sister.

  2. OMG, My niece has been wanting some of these!! I’m going to also make some into clip-ons so she doesn’t have to have them in her ears. She’s still not really into wearing her earrings cuz she’s allergic to nickel just like I am. Thank you for the tut!!

  3. Thank you for the feedback! I hope you enjoy and if you need clarification, don’t hesitate to ask! I tried to add as many pics as possible, as I know sometimes tutorials with only 1 or 2 pics can still be confusing.

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