How to Make Beaded Feather Earrings {diy}

I have been “scrap” busting lately, and I have a ton of fun colored feathers from various projects. I decided to throw together another easy tutorial on how to make these cute beaded feather earrings.


2 feathers

2 beads

2 connectors

2 ear wires

jewelry pliers

glue (not shown)

Step 1: Place beads onto ends of feathers (try to find feathers with a long enough “tip” to fit your bead over AND the connector)

Step 2. Add a liberal amount of glue to the tip. I used Weldbond because it holds well and its nontoxic (so it doesn’t really stink!)

Step 3: Attach connector of choice. Mine was just a basic coil with a looped tip. Wait until glue dries (mine took a few hours).

Step 4: Using jewelry pliers, add earring hooks.

Makes a cute and easy diy Christmas gift!

PS – I party here!

You can alternatively purchase these in my GoodSmiths shop.


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