How To Keep Your Pool Clean This Summer (Minus The Harsh Chemicals!)


If you took the step and invested in your own swimming pool for your gardenthat’s awesome. There are so many different benefits to having a pool; it fights boredom, they look good, and you have your daily dose of exercise right in your backyard.

Having said that, it’s important you maintain it to keep it looking that good. You can’t just leave it and expect it to take care of itself – that’s not how it works. You have to constantly check to make sure the water is clean and safe to swim in.

It sounds a little complicated, but once you get used to it, it’ll just become a weekly routine.

Here’s what you need to do to keep it clean this summer.

Clean the underwater surfaces of your pool frequently.

You can do this out of the water with extremely long poled brushes, but the easiest thing is actually getting into the pool and doing it that way. You will need to brush down the ladders, steps, and liners, and vacuum the surface of the pool so you can remove any sediment, soil and any other nasty things lurking on the bottom.


Keep your pool covered when not in use.

There are many pool covers out there on the market, but your best options are sun2solar pool covers. These are designed specifically to not only keep the area clean from dust and any other pollutants, but to maintain or even raise the temperature of the water. Meaning it works as insulation, while usual covers, only cover.


Keep the pool debris and dirt free.

Every day you should be skimming the pool to remove any trash, leaves, pollen, and insects that have found their way into the pool, especially if you don’t have a cover on it. Anytime something enters fresh water; you risk contamination which can lead to algae and even mold issues.


Keep water circulating in your pool.

It’s important to always have a constant influx of fresh, clean water going through your pool. This will ensure that it always has a fresh water supply, while driving out the soiled water through the filter systems.


Use an ionizing pool cleaning system.

This was created to pulsate electricity through the water (safely) with silver and copper. Essentially, it changes the electronic structure of your pool to prevent bacterial growth from happening because that can make your pool turn all sorts of unattractive colors that will make you not want to step foot in it again.


Use floating sphagnum moss.

Now, this may sound a little strange, but floating sphagnum moss will help to fight against algae and bacteria in your pool. It may look and feel a little strange having it there at first, but just like moss covered ponds in the nature, your pool will have a natural water vibe going on, while keeping clean and clear without using any harsh chemicals.


So now you know how to keep your pool clean, minus all the harsh chemicals, put them to use so you can enjoy playing in your new toy.


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