How To Keep Family Health Costs Low

Something that is terrifying for us moms, Is our children becoming ill. Writing this got me thinking about how expensive family health care can be, and how sometimes paying out for it can leave us short.

In the current economic climate, we need to be savvy when it comes to our health care. As every mom knows, kids get sick a lot. Whether it’s coughs, colds or sickness bugs, on average children get ill around three or four times a year. Every time your little one gets sick, not only do you have to pay for the doctor’s bill, but also for their medicine.



How To Keep Family Health Costs Low


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To help you make your family’s health care more affordable, I thought I would create a guide to the best ways to save money on health care.

Shop around for the best health plan

When it comes to choosing a health plan, don’t choose the cheapest option. Take some time to look around for the best plan. Don’t just opt for a plan that covers you and your partner, look for a scheme that also covers your children.

Before you go insurance shopping, write a list of how often your family visits the doctor and dentist and use this to select the best plan. In terms of medical cover, it’s always best to opt for a plan that allows more medical checks than you will need.

Get a discount card

When it comes to saving money off your family’s health care, getting a discount card is a must. Just by signing up to one of these, you can save hundreds of dollars a year in prescription charges. If you want to save money on your family health costs, having a discount card is the ideal way to do it.

There are lots of options to choose from; some cards have to be applied for while others you can download from the internet. One that can be downloaded from the internet and is accessible to everyone is the Oracea coupon. It can be downloaded for free, and best of all, the whole family can use it.

Buy budget brands

When you get a prescription from the doctor for your child, it’s always a good idea to see if you can buy it over the counter instead. You see, when you take a child to see their doctor for a virus, often the doctor will recommend a pain reliever. You can pick up a bottle of child-safe medicine for a few dollars, instead of having to pay out for a prescription. However, many parents make the mistake of thinking that they have to get the brand on the prescription.

Ask for samples

Believe it or not, your doctor’s office is full of medicine samples – take advantage of this. If your child is getting a shot, for example, ask whether you could have a sample of a pain reliever to try. That way, if he or she needs it later on, you don’t need to worry about paying out for it.

Looking after your family can be incredibly expensive. However, by taking note of the advice above, you can reduce the amount you are spending on your family’s health.


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