How To Give Your Yard A Country Garden Feel



Designing a gorgeous garden is always a lot of fun. Not only do you finally get to create a space of your dreams, but the process of picking out plants, choosing a layout, and tending to your garden when it’s done is very therapeutic too. And when you want the finished look to be stunning, you’re going to need to choose a design that makes that happen. One failsafe choice to ensure you accomplish that will always be a classic country garden. If you want to start enjoying your garden more and spend time in a space that you love, here’s how to can achieve that perfect country garden feel.


Make It More Secluded


Firstly, you should think about getting the right kind of atmosphere for your country garden space. Now, classic designs always have a faraway feel. When you’re in a country garden, you often feel like you’re lost in the middle of nowhere. But, that’s not always easy to achieve when you have neighbors. So, you may want to get a fence, as this post points out, for a bit more privacy. Then, you will be able to add a lot more ambiance to the space.


Plant Lots Of Flowers


With your base marked out, you should then start to think about the plants and flowers. Because lots of plants and flowers are the key to creating the right sort of look. There are lots of different plants to choose from, but these cottage garden favorites should definitely be your starting point. And be sure to keep everything very natural. Cottage gardens aren’t usually too stylized, so you’re going to want to kind of pack everything in close.


Attract Nature


Next, you may also want to think of the ways that you can bring nature into the garden. Classic cottage gardens always have lots of birds visiting, as well as insects, bugs and squirrels too. So, you should aim to attract them. A bird feeder or water feature are often great ways to do that. And you will find that the flowers and plants will help too.


Grow Vegetables


You may also want to think about growing vegetables because country gardens always have a killer vegetable patch on the go. If you’re new to growing vegetables, you may want to start out with something easy like one of these in this post. Then, your entire family will be able to enjoy the produce that your garden is starting to grow.


Have Secret Spots


And finally, you should also try to have a few secluded and hidden spots around the garden too. When you walk through a classic country garden, you always find a reading bench hidden there, and a bird table sat here. So if you can, add a little reading nook or bistro table out of the way in your garden, and it will start to feel like the perfect secluded and serene outdoor space.


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