How To Get More From Your Garden, All Year Round

I love gardens, I think they’re a wonderful place to express yourself, and they really add something extra to your home. The only problem I have is that I don’t find myself or my family using our garden all year round. It gets a lot of use in the summer, and maybe in the spring too. But, when the latter stages of fall come around, along with winter, it kind of takes a back seat.


It’s sad because you spend a lot of time getting your garden nice and pretty, then it all goes to waste during the colder months of the year. You don’t get to enjoy it as much, and this needs to change. Which is exactly why I came up with some ideas and tips to help you get more from your garden, during all twelve months of the year.

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Reduce Lawn Size & Add A Patio

For me, there’s no real benefit to having a large lawn area. It doesn’t provide much other than being a pain to cut! Plus, it can get too long in winter as you don’t have the right conditions to cut it. Instead, you should consider a nice landscaping project that removes the majority of your lawn and replaces it with patio. This gives you a surface that’s not affected by weather and will add extra class to your garden. It ensures your backyard stays pretty through all twelve months of the year, regardless of the conditions.

Grow Seasonal Flowers & Food

Another problem we have is that the flowers in our garden look amazing during some months, then die a brutal death during others. This leaves us with loads of wilted flowers, along with other plants. We can work around this by simply planting the right flowers in the right seasons. This ensures you have a colorful garden throughout the year. Likewise, you should grow food in your garden too. This helps it become more valuable to you as you can pick your own ingredients to make meals. Again, the problem is often that some food doesn’t grow in certain conditions. So, make sure you grow vegetables and fruits that are designed for each season in the year.

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Build A Covered Eating Area

Gardens are great for hosting parties or just getting together with the family for a change of setting when eating a meal. The issue is that you need good weather to get the most out of your outdoor dining area. However, you can change this by covering this area. You could build a permanent cover out of bricks and wood that protects the area from bad weather. Add some heaters there, and you can still go outside when it’s cold out.


Don’t feel like you can only enjoy your garden when it’s hot and sunny. You can still have a gorgeous garden full of plants and foods that are growing fantastically well. You can still have a garden that looks great and isn’t overgrown thanks to the weather. Most importantly, you can properly use your garden all year round, and get more out of it.


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