How To Clean A Comb/Brush

I don’t know about you, but I tease my hair and always end up with dried up hairspray on my comb. It’s a specialty comb so I don’t want to just keep buying new ones as I had always done before. A few tips passed down to me to try:

1. Take 2 brushes/combs and GENTLY brush together with shampoo to work out some of that gunk. Rinse under warm water.
2. Take an old toothbrush and GENTLY scrub it. It could take a little more work, but will give it a good clean.
3. Soak it in a glass of vinegar.
4. Add some bleach to water and soak it for an hour.
5. Wash the comb with heavy items, such as towels. (Sounds a lil risky if you ask me though.)

Alas, if you routinely give it a quick clean and remove hair then it will save a lot of hassle in the long run! *ducks head*

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