Hot Home Design Trends That Will Take Your Space to the Next Level

Hot Home Design Trends That Will Take Your Space to the Next Level


When it comes to your home design, you want to find something that best matches your personal style, but is modern and elegant too. The latest trends are diverse, so there really is something for everyone. Whether you get your furniture at a well-known store, such as the one ran by Eugene Chrinian, or you prefer a small boutique, it is easy to work your favorite pieces into the latest trends in the interior design industry.


Pastel Colors Are Back in Style


If you love the soft and delicate look of pastel colors, you are in luck because they are majorly trending right now. You can mix and match them in a single room or soften the look of a space by combining pastel colors with neutral or primary options. You will see the pastel trend with wall paint, furniture and decorative objects. It seems that the most common way to use this trend right now is by combining it with other elements that are not on the pastel spectrum to balance the overall look and feel of a room.


Go For Furniture With Rounded Edges


If you miss the rounded loveseat you had in the 1980s, you can incorporate the style back into your home. You can find an array of rounded pieces at major furniture retailers, such as the one ran by Eugene Chrinian, online retailers and independent shops. It is a good idea to mix the rounded pieces with those of other shapes to ensure the proper balance in a room.


The rounded edges tend to make a room feel like it has a better flow and a more comfortable and soft touch. For example, you can avoid that squared off feeling that comes with traditional furniture when you have a rounded sofa amongst your squared tables.


Relax the Minimalist Approach


Five to 10 years ago, the minimalist trend was in full swing and people were ditching their decorative items for a space that only contained the essentials. While clutter is still something to avoid, the minimalist approach is now dead. Instead, people are taking the skeleton of this former design trend and adding a few tweaks. Think of it as creating a space that is minimalist, but one that you can also live in and personalize.


To sum it up, you can take the minimalist approach with your major furniture pieces so that your room does not get too crowded. Then, implement some decorative elements too so that each room has some of your own personal style in it.


Source Your Items Locally


Just like with food and other items, one of the biggest trends in home décor is to find what you need from a local business owner. This allows you to give back to your community while finding unique pieces that are not mass-produced and available all over the country. If you want to create a space that cannot be replicated by anyone else, this is your best bet. It also gives you the chance to try out a new style and break out of your comfort zone while redecorating your home.


Black Finished Metals


If you stay on top of home décor trends, you probably remember that everyone was going crazy over metallic last year. This is still happening, but on a smaller scale. People are now turning to metals with a more subdued look, including metal with a black finish. The most popular options are those that are matte. A black metal with a matte finish adds a very sophisticated air to just about any space. It will also work with almost any décor scheme, so it is easy to work with.


Blush Pink


Blush pink is rapidly becoming a go-to color for interior design. People are using it for everything from their furniture to the tiles in the bathroom. It is very soft and tends to match well with an array of other colors, so it is easy to work into almost any room.


Show Your Deepest Moods


Dark walls and décor schemes are coming back into focus with the latest rash of décor trends. You will notice deep walls, dark furniture and a variety of deeper jewel tones for decorative objects. This can certainly be a fun trend to play around with, but make sure to balance out the deepest colors with those that are lighter or medium on the spectrum to give the room dimension.


You can see that the current trends are mostly easy to pull off in just about any home. You can easily incorporate at least one into a room in your house to update the look and ensure a touch of modern sophistication. Remember that you can tailor the trends to best fit your needs and taste, so it is simple to ensure that they best fit in with the rest of your space. 

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