Here’s What I’d Do To My Home If I Lived Off The Grid

Most of us rely on utility companies to supply energy to our homes. We also depend on other people to produce and package food for our daily consumption. While that’s all convenient, I can’t help but wonder if many of us know what to do if we had to live “off the grid.”


I must admit; I am one of those people that love to enjoy the things we often take for granted. But, it got me thinking the other day: what would I do if I wanted to live off-grid? Some brave folks have decided to disconnect themselves from the modern world and “go it alone.”


Curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to carry out some research into the subject. It isn’t as hard or expensive as I thought to live off the grid, but I’m not sure it’s something I’d do at this moment in time. If you’re ready to pull the plug, check out what I’d do in your situation:

Here's What I'd Do To My Home If I Lived Off The Grid

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Rainwater harvesting


Most people, including myself, use water supplied by a local utility company. In some parts of the water, fresh, clean water is expensive. Around here, prices aren’t so bad. If I wanted to start living off the grid, I’d have to start harvesting water for drinking and washing.


The sad truth is that not everyone happens to live near a stream where they have a constant source of water. What I would do is harvest water by collecting it when it rains! It’s quite easy to collect rainwater and store it in water butts. All you need is a sloped roof, and a means of collecting the water (i.e. guttering). Of course, you’d need to filter it before drinking it!


Solar power


I know that it’s possible to power a house using a sturdy diesel generator. But, they are noisy and need diesel fuel to operate. Solar panels are silent and harness the sun’s energy. You can then convert that energy into usable electricity for your home.


I’d also use solar power to heat up a large water tank for heating purposes during the colder months of the year.


Install some stoves


Instead of using central heating, I’d have some stoves fitted in my home. That way, I can use a renewable source of fuel (i.e. wood) to heat my home and for cooking purposes.


I’d also apply some 21st-century logic and get fans installed for the stoves too. I’ve seen some stove fan reviews on the Web, and I think they’d come in rather handy.


Grow lots of fruit and vegetables


Growing food in my garden would sort out my dietary needs. I have a big garden by my house, so I’ve got enough space to grow all kinds of delicious fruit and vegetables! I’d also have some hens to lay eggs for me too.


If you are a meat eater, you could also have some farmyard animals in your garden. Although you’d have to slaughter them for meat yourself.


Are you thinking of living off the grid? Let me know what you plan to do!

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