Here’s How I Would Add Thousands To The Value Of My Home

As a homeowner, it’s lovely to sit back and enjoy your home. But regular maintenance is essential to retain its value. If you also look to refurbish or improve parts of your home, you could even add thousands to the value. A good looking home can be very appealing to a prospective buyer. Here are some of the things I would look at doing to ensure I could increase the value of my property:



A good kitchen is not only functional and spacious, but it looks stylish too. Simple things like changing the cupboard door handles or painting the doors can freshen the room up beautifully. A new worktop to replace a tired looking one is usually a good idea too. Kitchen flooring is difficult to keep clean and maintain. If yours is passed being salvaged, think about replacing it with something that is easy to look after.

Here's How I Would Add Thousands To The Value Of My Home

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A clean bathroom is a good bathroom in my books. Time does show on a bathroom, though. If your tub is in need of bathroom rehab, now could be the time to call in the professionals. You can replace all of your sanitary ware, or simply install some new fitted cupboards. Regrouting can freshen the look of the room too. Make sure all your seals are renewed to avoid leaks and damp.

Here's How I'd Add Thousands To The Value Of My Home

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Living Room

To keep my living room looking fresh, I regularly change the cushion covers, rug and wall art. This injects new color into the room and is a simple way to change the feel of the room too. Replacing all the furniture can be quite expensive. But if your furniture looks old and tatty you might want to consider it. Colorful throws can disguise some of the problems. Often a fresh lick of paint can reinvigorate any room.

Here is How I Would Add Thousands To The Value Of My Home

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I love my bedroom. I’m always changing things around in there and trying out new color schemes. I have to admit to owning a lot of accessories! Cushions and throws are in abundance. Still, it means I have plenty of choices when it comes to changing my color palette in there. My bedding set is probably the easiest things to change to get the colors patterns I want. Mirrors help open the room up, and soft lighting sets the mood.

Here's How I Would Add Thousands To The Value Of Our Home

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Building Up, Down and Out

If you have some money to invest in your property, why not extend it? I would love to make more use of the loft space. Building a playroom or home office up there would free up some of my other rooms too. If you have a large garden, you could build an extension to your home, or have a separate building out there. You might use it as storage or as a garden room. This kind of addition creates extra living space and a higher value to your home.


Anything you can do to increase the attractiveness of your property could add to its value. Living space is important to buyers but so is functionality. What can you do to make life easier at home? Tidying up tatty corners can help a lot too. See where you can add value to your home today.


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