Heart Coaster {free knitting pattern}

Heart Coaster [Ravel-It!]

Lion Brand Micro Spun (green and pink)
Size 7 needles
Heart Chart (optional)

Techniques Used:
KG – Knit green (i.e. K3G means knit 3 green)
PG – Purl green (i.e. P3G means purl 3 green)
KP – Knit Pink (i.e. K3P means knit 3 pink)
PP – Purl Pink (i.e. P3P means purl 3 pink)
G – Green
P – Pink
SC – Single crochet
CO – Cast on
BO – Bind off

Gauge: 9 stitches and 13 rows in 2 inches of stockinette

With G, CO 20.
1. Knit across.
2. Purl across.
3. K9G, K2P, K9G
4. P8G, P4P, P8G
5. K7G, K6P, K7 G
6. P6G, P8P, P6G
7. K5G, K10P, K5G
8. P4G, P12P, P4G
9. K3G, K14P, K3G
10. P2G, P16P, P2G
11. K2G, K16P, K2G
12. Repeat Row 10.
13. Repeat Row 11.
14. Repeat Row 10.
15. K3G, K6P, K2G, K6P, K3G
16. P4G, P4P, P4G, P4P, P4G
17. Repeat Row 1.
18. Repeat Row 2. BO.

Make 2 and place wrong sides together and sew together or SC around outer edge in pink. (The edge in the pic is a tad messy, I will upload a new one shortly!)

Please let me know if there are any errors.

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  1. Thank you for such a nice idea.

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