Healthy Home Handbook

There are many things in the home that can cause you or a loved one some nasty health issues. Most of them can be mitigated, but even so, it pays to pay attention to these facts to ensure everyone has the best chance of a healthy and happy life. There are all kinds of tips that can help you live healthier, but only you really know what problems exist in your home. This guide can help open your eyes to the issues that are out there and help you stop things that could hurt your family. The home is where we should all feel most safe so it really does pay to put the effort in and ensure it stays that way.


First: Do A Sweep


How often do you actually walk through your home and check it for issues? Normally you just tend to each issue as they arise. But the true trick is in the ability to find issues before things actually get any worse. So, walk your home and check everything for any potential issues. You may be surprised by what you find, so give everything a good one offer for potential health hazards. Keep a special focus on the bathroom and kitchen, and then double check the kids’ rooms to ensure there is nothing amiss. This can give you a solid appraisal of what needs to be done.




Kill The Dust


Some houses are far more dustier than others. A reason for this can be wooden floors. If you have wooden floors then you will need to dust more often because the dust can’t settle in the carpet and rises to settle on everything else. You should keep it at bay, because it can cause some nasty illnesses like bronchitis, a remedy for which can be found at Try dusting twice a week, which should be enough. If you find it to be particularly bad consider getting a throw or a blanket and placing it on the sofa or over a chair, it can attract dust and stop you having to clean so often. The same applies for getting a mat which you can place over part of the wooden floor, it can stop the dusk becoming really extreme. It gets in the lungs and hurts your breathing, especially in the young and old. It can also cause nasty coughs which can really be a pain and keep you up all night. Keep the dust under control to mitigate these issues.


Check Electrical Fittings


These can sometimes get faulty and cause fires. You can’t check them to the degree an electrician would, but you can check each outlet to make sure it is not compromised. Sometimes leakages can occur and when they do you need to ensure they can’t reach these outlets because they will spark and pop until they catch alight and electrical fires are notoriously hard to extinguish.


Be Aware Of Lead Paint


If you live in an older home you may unfortunately have lead paint on some of the walls. Don’t panic, because it is harmless unless you rip it off to paint over it or decide to sand it down. The spores can cause serious issues for the old and young. The best way around this is by using a lead paint test to check if it actually bad before calling an expert out to remove it.




On the same note, you should be aware of asbestos in older homes. The material was sometimes used on garage roofs or as guttering. You need to get this removed, and can probably get it done for free if you contact your local council to do it for you. It can cause a rare lung cancer in those who are exposed to it for long periods of time. But don’t worry, like lead paint it is only damaging if its spores get up into your lungs which only happen when it is broken up.


CO2 Poisoning


There are countless horror stories regarding CO2 poisoning. Symptoms range from a light headache, to nausea and severe sickness to death. It kills people every year. CO2 comes from all appliances that burn fossil fuel, such as a boiler or a fire. You need to make sure these get serviced by proper registered tradesmen at least once a year. If they are burning properly, then there shouldn’t be any kind of problem. If they aren’t then they will be endangering the lives of your family. They will also be costing you money and not heating your home efficiently. These problems are far worse with the older kinds of boilers, but they can still happen in the newer kinds too. If you are worried then you can get yourself carbon monoxide alarms, which should be placed in every room where fossil fuels are burnt. You can see a selection of the best CO2 alarms here. The reviews can help you choose ones appropriate to yourself.


Fire Alarms


Again, these should be places in your downstairs hall and upstairs landing. Most people use them, but the trick is keeping them maintained. Check on them for batteries and ensure they are working properly. Test them once a week and do it at the same time every week to ensure you get into routine. If you don’t have them, then get them. They can really save lives. They detect smoke in the air and can alert you before things get too serious, giving you an opportunity to tackle the fire.


Eradicate Mould And Damp


They can produce allergens, which are substances that can cause an allergic reaction. Forcing some unfortunate family members to come out in rashes or start sneezing. They are also very dangerous for those who suffer from asthma as they can bring out an asthma attack. Get rid of them using spray and make sure they don’t come back by keeping condensation down and limiting the area in which it can thrive. It can make you quite sick, so get rid of it.



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