Going Open Plan? Read This First

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Open plan living is very much on trend right now. Many homeowners are getting very adventurous with their homes and knocking down walls so that they can make their rooms as large as possible. Not only do open plan rooms help you get more out of your floor space, but it also helps to lighten up the rooms. You won’t have to deal with small, dark rooms anymore!


So, do you think that you’re ready to go open plan? Here are some tips that you should use in your whole project.


Do You Need To Tell The Neighbors?


This won’t be a problem if you live in a completely detached property. However, if your home joins onto a neighbor’s house, then you will have to make sure that taking down a wall isn’t going to affect their property. This is especially important if you live in a row of terraced housing. Even if the structural changes won’t cause any concern to your neighbors, it’s always polite to let them know about the work you are carrying out. After all, it could get noisy!


Get Furniture That Can Fit The Space


Now that you aren’t restricted to such small rooms, you can go with bigger furniture. And it’s a good idea that you do try and go bigger. Otherwise, your open plan area could end up feeling too large for all your furnishings. Extending dining table sets are a great option for kitchen-diners as you can make them bigger if you are expecting a lot of guests. And, thanks to your open plan space, you won’t have to worry about trying to fit the extended table into such a small space anymore!


Remember To Add Zones


One of the most common mistakes that people make with their open plan areas is that they try to decorate them as one large room. It’s true that it is, in essence, just a very big room. However, if you decorate it this way, it might end up feeling a bit too big and could feel overwhelming. Instead, decorate it with zones. For instance, create a living zone with a sofa and TV, and a dining area complete with dining table. Make sure that you don’t place the kitchen right in the middle of the space, though, as this will make it tricky to come up with zones around it. The whole idea is that not one zone takes center stage.


Consider All Your Heating Options


Heating such a large space is going to be difficult and could even end up being expensive. So, it’s important that you consider all of the different options available to you, and figure out which one fits in with your budget. Adding some modern insulation to the room while you are creating it can help to drastically bring your bills down, so that’s always worth considering.


Still interested in going open plan? It really is worth it, and can even add quite a bit of value to your home!

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