Glorious Weather = Garden Parties Galore!



Spending time in the garden is one of the best things about warmer weather. Hosting parties for family and friends is a great chance to get everyone together; having your loved ones in one place is something we all struggle to do, especially when everyone leads very separate and busy lives. If you have a couple of parties pencilled in for the upcoming public holidays or just for sunny weekends- here are a few things to consider.


Get Your Garden In Order

Giving the garden a good tidy up is essential for when you’re having guests round- no one wants to relax in a space that’s cluttered with kids toys, plants growing out of control and unattractive surroundings. Give the lawn a cut, pull up some weeds, hose down the patio and general give everywhere a tidy to get it into shape for hosting guests.


Make Sure You Have Enough Seating

The last thing you want is to get your guests around and realise there’s not enough space for people to sit! Having a few temporary fold down chairs in the shed is useful for times like this. You could even buy an extra cheap patio set to accommodate guests, or lay out blankets and large outdoor cushions on the lawn for more casual and relaxed areas for people to mingle.


Think About Food and Drink

Will you be serving an ‘afternoon tea’ style event with finger foods, dainty sandwiches, cakes and savouries? Will you fire up the grill? If you’re on a budget or just want something more interactive, how about a potluck style feast where each guest brings a dish. For drinks, everyone could bring a bottle or you could serve a variety of beverages. Large glass drinks dispensers work well, you can fill them with juice, mixer and alcohol of your choice along with plenty of chopped fruit and garnishes. A couple of different varieties (including an alcohol-free version for children and non-drinkers) means everyone can help themselves. Buy some bags of ice and pour plenty into each dispenser to keep everything cold for as long as possible. Whatever route you take, spend some time deciding on the type of food and drink you’ll be serving for your guests.


Have a Shaded Area or a Cool Room In The Home

The summer’s sun can be a little too much for some people, especially for young children. Having a shaded area in the garden, or even a cold room in the home for people to cool off may be needed especially if it’s a very warm day. Air conditioning is a worthwhile upgrade to consider either way, companies like offer them at a low cost. But it’s especially useful to have if you entertain a lot, the last thing you want is guests dropping like flies because they’re too warm!


Colorful Candles Drink Garden Party Tea Lights



Spring and summer are the perfect time to get everyone together and make memories in the sunshine! So get your garden in order and get inviting people!


Do you have any garden parties planned in the next few weeks?

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