Give Your Home The Facelift It Deserves This Spring

Give Your Home The Facelift It Deserves This SpringImage Source


Spring has sprung! Well, almost, but it’s not long to go now. And what better way to celebrate the longer days than dragging your home out of the winter and into the spring? Put away the heavy blankets, take off the thick bedsheets, and welcome the brightness and freshness of spring into your home. It’s easy – it doesn’t require a full top-to-bottom renovation – in fact, you can achieve a thoroughly springful look just by following these simple tips.


Be thankful for floral

Where there’s spring, there are flowers, so get them in your home! You don’t need to go full Granny’s tearoom, but bright flowers are a great way to add a splash of color to the room, along with freshness and a reminder of the summer to come. Floral patterns on bedsheets and soft furnishings can also look really stylish and modern when done right, but just remember that less is more. Bowls of brightly colored citrus fruit can also look really great in kitchen and dining areas, and have a similar effect to flowers in bringing color into the room.

Give Your Home The Facelift It Deserves This Spring 2

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Go for a splash of color

Winter is the perfect time for dark neutral shades and grays, but spring is definitely not the time to keep that theme going. Scrap the dark colors, hide them in the closet for next year, and let’s get colorful. Keep your walls plain and neutral – it allows a flexibility between seasons – and bring color into your home with your choice of accessories and artistic accents. Bright splashes of color in rugs, cushions, and bedding are really chic, without being overwhelming. For a really modern touch, bring color in with bold metallic shades and geometric shapes in baskets, light fittings, and ornaments.

Give Your Home The Facelift It Deserves This Spring 3

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Let the light in

Now the sun is starting to show its beautiful face for more than a couple of hours a day, invite it into your house as much as you can – it’s good for you! Take down heavy curtains, and bring light, billowy curtains to rooms instead. While you’re at it, get those windows open and air out your home – after months of having them closed the air tends to get a bit stale, so as soon as it’s warm enough, open windows will get the air moving and all the lovely fresh scents back into your home.


Don’t forget the facade

Feeling pride as you walk up the path to your beloved home makes it that much nicer to live in. Spring is time to get all the grime and old paint off the front of your house, give it a fresh coat, and tidy up the driveway and path. If your home is looking a bit worse for wear, cleaning techniques such as soda blasting will be sure to get the last bits of grime and paint off, and make it look as good as new for the year to come.


Welcome spring into your home with open arms and you’ll feel your home flood with freshness and energy.


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