Get Your Spring Cleaning Done Quickly By Following These Amazing Tips

Is spring cleaning something that you dread? Does the idea of hoovering, dusting and clearing out old clutter make you groan? I know the feeling all too well.


Spring cleaning can seem like a massive chore, especially when your house looks like a bomb has hit it. Old clutter everywhere, dust on every surface and carpets stained with child-sized footprints – don’t worry, I know what it’s like.


Although spring cleaning can seem like the Mount Everest of chores. With some simple cleaning hacks and efficient cleaning methods, you can get it done and dusted in no time.


Start at the top

Get Your Spring Cleaning Done Quickly By Following These Amazing Tips

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Always start at the top of the house and work downwards. Remember, you don’t have to do the entire house in one day, you can spread your spring cleaning over a couple of days.


Starting from upstairs, begin by doing the tidying and decluttering, and then go on to dust, clean and vacuum the floors. If you spring clean in this order, you will find it is a much faster process.


Get rid


All the clutter that you have found needs to be got rid of, leaving it in your home will only lead to it becoming a mess again. Think of it like this, if you haven’t used it for the past six months then you don’t really need it. It might sound harsh, but ask yourself, do you want a messy house?


If you have quite a lot of clutter, consider getting a roll off dumpster rental to use to quickly and dispose of any unwanted junk. Any unwanted items that are in good condition, like toys and clothing, bag up and drop off at your local charity shop.


Don’t forget the curtains


They might look clean enough, but if you don’t clean your curtains at least once a year, they are at risk of rotting or going mouldy.


Remove your curtains from their pole and work out the best method for cleaning them. While some curtains are wipe clean only, others can be taken to the launderette and dry cleaned. There should be a tag somewhere on the curtains with cleaning instructions.


Deep clean the carpets


As well as regularly vacuuming, to keep your carpets in good condition they require a deep clean once a year. You can either do this yourself, by hiring a carpet cleaning machine. Or you can hire a professional carpet cleaning company to take care of it for you.


Clean all the other bits


Go around the house cleaning all the other bits and bobs. From cleaning the lampshades and turning the mattresses to washing any upholstery, make a list of all the other bits that need cleaning.


Share the jobs


Don’t do all the spring cleaning yourself, share the jobs with your partner and family. Anyone who lives at your home should be willing to lend a helping hand with the spring cleaning. Even your little ones can help out and do some dusting for you.


Remember, more hands make lighter work.


  1. I need to rent a dumpster while I renovate part of my home. With all the parts of the home that I am going to tear out, I need to place the debris somewhere. I can’t very well stack it in one pile somewhere in the house, or even in the yard. What are some general contract terms for renting a dumpster?

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